Network providers expand comedy frontiers with Arewa videos

Nigerian telecom subscribers are set to have easier access to comedy right on their mobile devices with Hausa Comedy being added to, a comedy video platform available to subscribers on mobile network via the web, mobile and mobile applications.

For now, Airtel and Etisalat are the only networks offering this service but other networks are expected to follow soon. Subscription for this service is free. is a comedy video platform which promotes and commercializes comedy content and makes it accessible to consumers globally, especially to Africans in the diaspora who are interested in African entertainment.

The platform just signed up A-List Hausa comedians with their comedy shows – Arewa Comedians, Adamu Zango, MC Asubaba, Yusuf Guson, Excellency, Funky Mallam, 4nyCity and other A-List Comedians from the North.

Already, it prides itself in providing rich African and international comedy content from A-List Nigerian comedians and international acts such as Basket-Mouth, AY, Mr. Patrick, Akpororo, MC Abbey, Ushbebe and WhaleMouth.

Exclusive comedy and pranks from ‘Just for Laughs GAGS’, Buni TV (Ogas at the top) as well as other international and local acts to take all the stress away.

Customers that sign up on Laffhub get a free subscription with five free videos valid for three days. For as little as N20 daily subscription, users can watch three videos. A weekly subscription of N100 weekly offers 15 videos, N200 monthly subscription offers 40 videos while N500 gets subscribers unlimited videos for one month.


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