Netizens fume over Peak Milk controversial Easter ad

By Oghale Mafuru

Following the reaction of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN  to the Easter day advert by Peak Milk, a leading dairy brand from the stable of Frieslandcampina WAMCO, netizens have expressed displeasure over the incessant disregard of religious sensitivity by some brand managers.

Taking to their twitter handles, they vehemently condemned the flagrant abuse describing it as a deliberate attempt to undermine the significance of the Holy day.

Alexander Chibuike said: “This is a deliberate act, last year sterling bank said he has risen like agege bread and this year @PeakMilk used breeding milk. Does it mean that they are not aware of last year’s controversy about agege bread?

Temitope Akinola stated: “Still doesn’t make sense. Humans acting the role of Jesus depicts the story of Jesus in the real sense of it. Christ was never a product to be used for commercials. The ad by peak is complete rubbish. There is no mention of Jesus or any sign of the crucifix. Just a self-serving ad”.

“There’s no correlation between the resurrection of Jesus and Peak Milk. The idea of trying to use peak milk as the theme of the resurrection is very disrespectful. His tomb was covered with a huge stone, not the lid of a milk tin.  Please take this down” said Victor Umezuruike.

For Daure David, “This is a bad marketing concept and disrespect for Christianity, so, it stands condemned. Honestly, the Bible never taught us Christians to fight for Jesus Christ, but the truth is, @PeakMilk was wrong to have.
” Replaced blood on the cavalry with milk. Nigeria is already a divided country on Religion and Tribe lines. Christianity is a religion of peace but that is not a yardstick for a corporate company to make mockery of it” he added

While Samailia Garu advised thus: “Do not delve into religion. Stay away from it”, Olufemi Babs said: “PeakMilk has been doing something similar to the current advert for years. They should have learnt from the outrage @Sterling_Bankng experienced last year.

Meanwhile, Jasper Will, creative expert ,maintained that the Easter day ad is an expression of creativity aimed to connect the brand with the auspicious Holy day.

He said: “My view though, this is not the first time Peak is doing this kind of creative. To me, there is nothing wrong, they were trying to pass a message. I even think they were being careful not to have put Jesus or He in the copy. If they said he was bruised and pierced for us, a different situation.

“I am a Christian and creative, but I don’t think these guys have done anything wrong at all. Well it is a work of art… A creative… Sometimes a non creative person will misinterpret. That’s normal” he added.

Over the weekend, Peak Milk posted an advert for Good Friday on its social media handles where it displayed a crushed Peak can, with droppings of milk and a nail. This creative ad was accompanied with a copy which read: “Bruised and Pierced for us”.

The leading dairy brand retracted the advert with an apology to the Christian community, restating its commitment to the vision of nurturing Nigerians as well as maintaining the respect of all religious laws, tenets and guidelines.


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