Meet Marketing Edge Awards Panelist

Ronan Redmond is the Commercial Director, TVC Communications. He hails from Dublin City in Ireland with a background that has always been in international advertising and marketing. He has worked for a number of broadcasters, both TV and Radio, holding commercial portfolios with his role having always been about helping media companies to maximise their commercial revenues through selling advertising, sponsorships, promotions, etc and all other revenue opportunities. He also worked for some advertising agencies in London which includes MindShare, among others. He came to Lagos in 2017 to join the newly appointed CEO of the broadcast media organisation, Andrew Hanlon to turn the organisation around for good.

Since he joined TVC, Redmond has taken the TVC brands to the doorsteps of brand owners and major stakeholders in the competitive Nigerian marketing and advertising landscape, with resultant positive effects that reverberate through the industry and the larger society.


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