Meet MARKETING EDGE 2021 Summit & Awards’ sponsor – Promasidor

Promasidor Nigeria Limited, leader in high quality food products in Africa and one of Nigeria’s manufacturers and marketers of fast moving consumer goods, is a subsidiary of South African-based Promasidor Holdings.  The company made its debut in Nigeria in March 1993, under the business name of Wonder Foods. In 2003, the firm changed its business name from Wonder Foods to Promasidor to promote uniformity across the group. The company has in its portfolio brands such as Cowbell milk, Loya milk, Sunvita cereal, Onga seasoning and Top Tea beverages all of which are doing well in the market.

Benefitting from a thorough market survey and marketing strategy that is reflective of the consumers’ needs, Wonder Foods made a grand entry with its flagship milk product, Cowbell Milk in sachet. This made milk which was hitherto a preserve of the rich available to even the poorest of the poor and Cowbell brand, the darling milk brand of the Nigerian market. This caused a major market disruption and shot Cowbell to a leader and pioneer in the sachet milk subcategory and a serious contender for leadership in the milk and dairy sector. In June 2010, the brand held close to 24% share in market volume, tripling the volume of the Miksi.  In 2010, it recorded an annual turnover of $300 million.

Another winning strategy was the introduction of a variety of flavours like chocolate, strawberry and coffee as this bettered and enlarged the company’s share of the milk and dairy products market.

Since entering the Nigerian market, Promasidor, the home of quality food products has made considerable incursions into the West African market and further enlarged its foothold on the continent. From that tentative but   bold entry into Nigeria, Promasidor has evolved into a powerhouse of beverage and food-products that meets the needs of 850-million people.  It is also noteworthy that in this period of economic downturn when companies are contracting and revenues shrinking, Promasidor has consistently remained on the upscale and expanding.

Promasidor is not only interested in profit taking but a committed partner in the development of Nigeria and Nigerians. Apart from ensuring the development of physical and mental health of the nation, Promasidor has invested hugely in the infrastructural and educational development and growth of Nigeria.

The company’s CSR is driven by a vision to always be responsible and responsive to its various stakeholders. Over the years, the company has been very active in supporting national development aspirations in line with that vision. This commitment has won Promasidor Nigeria several awards in recognition of its impactful CSR. These awards include, The Best Company in Education at the 26th AGM/PR Week of the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos State Government Support-Our-Schools-Initiative Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 2014, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Performing Company of The Year 2014 by Isolo community of Lagos

Its most outstanding CSR initiative is Cowbellpedia. This is a Nigerian national mathematics television quiz show for Secondary Schools that debuted in 2015. The quiz has engendered renewed interest in mathematics and the sciences; subjects that are central to the development of a nation.

These and other CSR projects have continued to cement and strengthen the engagement between Promasidor and the Nigerian consumers.


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