Media Perspectives releases 2018/19 Media Advertising Report

…NMAG published as an app

Starcom Media Perspectives, one of Nigeria’s leading media agencies has released its annual hardcopy publication; Nigerian Media Advertising Guide 2018/19 edition as a mobile application.

Speaking at the event organized within the office complex, Jude Odia Chief Operating Officer, Starcom Media Perspectives said, this year’s report went beyond the boundary of gathering facts but added insights and intelligence to help media planners, advertisers and other stakeholders do their job effectively.

Odia pointed out that the report is available for download by interested stakeholders on Google Play store as NMAG and the iOS version will be available for download shortly.

According to him, the decision to publish the report as an app was due to the high rate of internet penetration in the country, affirming that the move was to reach a wider audience who could not have the opportunity to grab the hard copy of the report both within and outside the shores of the country.

In his words: “It is important to note that this year’s edition of the Nigerian Media Advertising Guide 2018/19 is now on an app.”

“The reason is simple and it is because internet penetration is high in Nigeria. Nigeria has a population of over 180 million people which is regarded as the biggest market in Africa and mobile is driving it.”

“Why leave this kind of valuable information in a hard copy that people may largely or relatively not read, so we decided to get publication to a platform where it can easily accessed and in a user friendly format.” “This is long awaited and to a large extent we are glad to know that we are the first in West Africa that have done this and we hope to move it to higher level as we go in the coming months and years.”

Speaking in the same vein, Head, Digital Services, Starcom Media Perspectives, Mrs. Ose Osundeko, said, deploying the report in the form of an app became very necessary due to the inability of most stakeholders to grab a copy of the last edition of the report.

Osundeko noted that the report was released to help stakeholders within and outside the integrated marketing communications industry get insights about the times and trends of what is happening within the media landscape.

According to her, the app came about because last year when we launched, we had people from Nigeria, and a few people from abroad asking how can I get a copy of this report?”

“We could not meet up with the demand for a physical copy and knowing that about 80% of people in Nigeria access the internet through mobile, we realized that creating a mobile version of the publication was the only way to go to reach as many people as possible with the insights contained in the report”.

“Now, in terms of the usefulness of the app, it provides actionable insights on the go. For instance, if you are a student and you need to do your research, you have useful information at hand. Also, if you are a marketing professional and you want to get some information for planning and strategy, you actually have useful information to do so.”

“Media Partners are also not left out as it provides media consumption patterns based on trends of different target audience segments. Really it provides all the marketing communication information you need so, I encourage you to download it and start using it immediately.”

Meanwhile, the Associate Director, Strategy & Innovation, Mr. Dolapo Ogunbambo, noted that deploying the report as an app would enable the organization become competitive amongst its peers at the global level.

Ogunbambo decried that it was high time Nigeria stopped playing catch-ups in the media landscape globally.




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