Media owners’ competitors are now content creators – Eromosele

By Elizabeth Olagunju

Cherry Eromosele, CMO of Interswitch Group, has advised media owners to understand how their audiences are consuming their contents and the importance of creating contents that can be adapted to social media and other digital platforms, as their competitors, she noted, are no longer those in the media space, but are now content creators.

Speaking at the MARKETING EDGE Stakeholders Virtual Summit, which was held via Zoom recently, the marketing Amazon emphasised that consumers no longer consume content in the traditional way. 

According to her, media content can now be accessed on mobile phones. She, therefore, advised media owners to understand how their consumers absorb their content, as well as develop content to meet consumers where they are most relevant.

“Competitors to media owners are no longer from within. Their main competitors are now content creators. My advice to media owners is that they begin to understand how consumers are consuming their contents. If you follow some media owners, you will see that besides creating content for the traditional media, they are also creating content for digital and doing targeted campaigns. So, you see a lot of YouTube content, whether individually or by media owners. Media owners need to begin to dimension how they target their customers,” she said.

Mrs. Eromosele noted that content used to be leveraged on the traditional TV, adding that it is, however, important that media owners start thinking of how to create contents that can be adapted to other digital platforms. 

“As the consumption of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms are high in a fragmented market, your content needs to be strong; it needs to appeal to your relevant audience. The days of one-sided speech no longer exist, understand how your consumers are consuming media and that will help you drive efficiency even within the fragmented market,” she said.

On the opportunities and challenges that social media emergence and digital transformation have offered to brand owners and advertisers, she explained that one of the opportunities that digital transformation has brought is digital re-editing, adding that most things are now done digitally, which has made life easier for everybody. 

She further explained that, although digital transformation has brought more opportunities, it is, however, not without its challenges. One of the challenges, according to her, is that in the digital space, there is no control over what is being projected about a brand. “It is the responsibility of brand owners to ensure that they drive their narrative and how they want their brands to be projected.”

“Don’t allow people to tell your story, take the lead in telling your story whichever way you want, using third parties, or even using consumers. If the consumers buy into what you are doing, they become your advocates and tell your story for you. When the negativity comes from social media, they will be the one to fight on your behalf. Social media has its challenges, but there are ways to mitigate it; build advocates, drive the narrative, take the lead and ensure that whatever you do is data supported,” she concluded.


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