Med-View Airline begins flight operations to 3 Francophone countries, Dubai

Leading airline operator in Nigeria, Med-View Airline, has concluded plans to begin flight operations into three Francophone countries: Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Guinea (Conakry), and  Senegal (Dakar), effective from Friday, October 27, 2017.

The airline also declared its intention to commence flight on the Lagos-Dubai route from December 7, 2017.

Speaking at a forum organized by the airline to partner with travel agencies, the company’s Managing Director, Alhaji Muneer Bankole, said that launching the new routes was very necessary.

Bankole stressed that there was need to integrate the Francophone countries just as the airline had done in integrating the Anglophone countries by flying into Accra, Ghana; Monrovia, Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

He said: “As you know Med-view Airline is currently flying into three destinations in the West African coast which is the English speaking countries. Now, we have decided to operate our flights into the Francophone countries in West Africa, effective from Friday”, adding, “Our aim is to integrate and boost connectivity of both passengers and cargoes. We are integrating the West African community together so that we can connect the whole of Africa together on the long run. We set the pace for others to follow”.

Speaking in the same vein, the Executive Director, Business Development and Commercials, Mr. Isiaq NaAllah, said that Med-View airline would be operating the frequency of its flights into Abidjan, Conakry and Dakar three times on a weekly basis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

NaAllah noted that the various aircraft types like Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-500 have been deployed by the airline to facilitate the transportation of its passengers on those destinations.

Expatiating on the need for the meeting, he said, “The major reason why we are here today is for us to rub minds together with the travel agents because we are opening a new route in the history of Med-View Airline. They have been very wonderful partners with us. Travel agencies are the first link to the customers”.

Meanwhile, Country Manager, Dubai-UAE, Med-View Airline, Mr. Ndukodon Phineas Bongi, said that the essence of opening more routes was to connect the entire airline’s destinations and link them up with Lagos from where passengers can be transported to Dubai.

Bongi who sees Dubai as a lucrative destination to passengers stressed that Med-View Airline was willing to give opportunities to travelers who want to experience the wonders and leisure in Dubai, adding that the airline also has a holiday package for its guests.

He added that Dubai is presently the center of the world and a lot of people are craving to visit the city, stressing that out of the seven states in the United Arab Emirates, it is only Dubai that is most attractive to travelers.

“There are so many attractive things that can lure you to Dubai. We have the tallest building in the world in Dubai and when you talk about wild life, the desert safari is there. There are so many other things and experiences that you can gather by just visiting Dubai and we are proud that as Med-View Airline, we can take you there”, he said.

Expressing his gratitude to the management of the airline, the President of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), Mr. Bankole Bernard, said that the travel agents were proud of Med-View Airline, promising that they would help in promoting the destinations of the airline.

Bernard noted that if there was anything that the travel agents should promote, they should promote Med-View Airline because it belongs to Nigeria, stressing that there was nothing wrong supporting our own.

In his words: “Now we have our own airline that will fly straight from Lagos to Dubai. It gives us a sense of belonging and with that Med-View has done us proud. Hence, we are promoting their destinations, we are promoting their carrier. Nigeria will be great again and we need to promote Nigerian carrier to get there”.


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