C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024

By Zion Rufus, Felicia Nwosu

With businesses anticipating substantial growth in 2024, we shine a spotlight on 13 C-Suite executives whose strategic acumen and leadership are poised to make waves in the year ahead.

These visionaries are anticipated to steer their respective organizations through innovation, resilience, and dynamic market landscapes, showcasing the diversity and dynamism of leadership in 2024.

Keep an eye on these leaders as they navigate challenges, drive success, and shape the business landscape in the unfolding year.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024:

Ziad Maalouf: Transforming the Seven-Up Bottling Company Nigeria (SBC)

Ziad Maalouf, the forward-thinking Managing Director of Seven-Up Bottling Company Nigeria, has orchestrated a remarkable transformation within the company. With a team of 3000 under his guidance and an annual turnover exceeding $500 million, Maalouf’s leadership over the past five years has doubled the company’s operational size, securing substantial market share gains. His strategic initiatives, including a shift to alternate sales through distributors, have streamlined operations, resulting in an impressive 96% cashless prepayment. Notable moves such as outsourcing distribution and automating the largest plant showcase Maalouf’s commitment to optimizing costs and enhancing efficiency, positioning Seven-Up Bottling Company Nigeria for sustained success.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Folake Ani-Mumuney: Remarkable Journey of a Marketing Maven

Folake Ani-Mumuney emerges as a beacon of excellence in the Nigerian communications landscape, boasting over 25 years of dynamic leadership locally and internationally. Currently at the helm of global Marketing and Corporate Communications for FirstBank Group, she oversees functions for FBN Holdings Plc and subsidiaries, contributing to remarkable successes. Ani-Mumuney’s strategic vision has elevated First Bank to new heights, garnering awards such as Best Corporate Bank in Western Africa 2022. Her impact extends across roles at Dangote Group, and as the first female president of ADVAN, she has showcased unwavering commitment to advancing the marketing industry. Recognized with a presidential commendation, Ani-Mumuney continues to shape business solutions, solidifying her status as an unparalleled marketing force for the future.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Emmanuel Oriakhi: Mapping the Path of Excellence as Marketing Director for Nigerian Breweries PLC

Emmanuel Oriakhi, Marketing Director at Nigerian Breweries PLC, epitomizes excellence through an 18-year journey marked by transformative initiatives and strategic achievements. His leadership has propelled the Heineken brand to Africa’s top spot, contributing significantly to growth in volume, revenue, and Functional Gross Profit (FGP). Rising from a management trainee to Marketing Director, Oriakhi’s journey is characterized by tenacity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He played a crucial role in delivering over 12% of OpCo revenue in 2020 and spearheaded visionary projects like Project Horizon, along with the establishment of Regional Digital Hubs. Under Oriakhi’s strategic direction, Nigerian Breweries recently reported a resilient half-year revenue of N277 billion.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Charles Jenarius: Powering Globacom’s Excellence as Nigeria’s Most Admired Brand

Charles Jenarius, Chief Marketing Communication Officer at Globacom, stands as a driving force behind the telecom giant’s success. With over 30 years of expertise, he joined Globacom in 2009 as Regional Director, West Africa (Marketing Communications), leading the company to remarkable achievements. Under Jenarius’s guidance, Glo transformed into Nigeria’s dominant telecom player, securing accolades like Most Popular Corporate Brand in Nigeria 2020 and achieving 89% mentions in Top 50 Brands Nigeria’s survey. His strategic approach is reflected in market achievements, with Glo topping internet users’ charts and holding a significant GSM subscriber share. As Brand Company of the Year 2020, Glo, under Jenarius, pioneered innovative technologies and played a crucial role in empowering Nigerians through accessible network services. Charles Jenarius’s rich experience and global perspective undoubtedly contributed to steering Globacom towards unprecedented heights.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Ilyas Kazeem: Ensuring continuous growth at Flour Mills of Nigeria

Ilyas Kazeem, the visionary Marketing Director of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC’s Food Commercial Division, has steered the company to unprecedented success. Leading the Agro-Allied and B2C Sugar sectors, Kazeem’s strategic prowess is evident in the recent Q2 23/24 results, showcasing an outstanding 33% YoY revenue growth, totaling N508.271 billion. This accomplishment contributes significantly to the half-year revenue, reaching an impressive N964 billion.

Kazeem’s nearly two-decade career resonates globally and regionally, spanning diverse marketing segments from Category Design to Product Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. His expertise includes Category/Brand Management in East and West Africa, and Marketing Brand Communication for West Africa, reflecting a profound understanding of the marketing landscape. With his adept leadership, Kazeem continues to elevate Flour Mills of Nigeria to new heights.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Adia Sowho: Reshaping Marketing Leadership at MTN Nigeria

Adia Sowho, as Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Nigeria, is reshaping the telecom giant’s marketing landscape. She drives go-to-market strategies, steering flagship products that contribute 90% to the company’s revenue. Under her leadership, MTN Nigeria achieved a striking 21.4% service revenue growth in 2023. Adia’s impact extends to Big Data analytics, cross-channel marketing, and sponsorships, reflecting a versatile approach to growth. Her visionary leadership, evident in the impressive revenue boost, highlights her strategic acumen. Adia Sowho is at the forefront of MTN Nigeria’s success, showcasing her ability to navigate the dynamic telecom landscape and pioneer the future of marketing leadership.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Ronan Redmond: Supporting Excellence in the Nigerian Media Advertising Landscape

Ronan Redmond, Commercial Director of TVC Communications is vastly recognized as a transformative force in Nigeria’s media advertising. Recently named Outstanding Media Personality of 2023 by MIPAN and acknowledged by MARKETING EDGE, Redmond’s leadership reshapes the competitive landscape. TVC Communications, a major Media Group in Nigeria and West Africa, thrives under his strategic vision, reaching audiences through TVC Entertainment, TVC News, 102.3MAXFM Lagos, 90.9MAXFM Abuja, and Adaba FM. Redmond, originating from Dublin, has dedicated almost 8 years in Lagos, uplifting local media advertising with global experience. Beyond TVC, he advocates industry-wide innovation, pushing for robust market data, ad tech integration, and hybrid working models. Redmond envisions a flourishing advertising market contributing significantly to Nigeria’s GDP, aiming to diversify economic reliance. His commitment to advocating industry standards and assessing advertising’s economic impact positions him as a driving force in Nigeria’s media advertising success.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Bamise Oyegbami: Charting New Horizons of Growth at Anheuser-Busch InBev (Nigeria)

Bamise Oyegbami, Marketing Director, Nigeria, at Anheuser-Busch InBev, stands out as a proven leader in the marketing landscape. With vast experience in the Nigerian FMCG industry, Oyegbami joined the global brewing giant in 2020, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. Previously, at PZ Cussons, he held pivotal roles, showcasing versatility and strategic acumen.

A highlight of Oyegbami’s career was his role as Marketing Manager for Trophy, propelling the brand to popularity through innovation and compelling strategies. Holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Wharton School and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, he boasts a unique blend of skills and exceptional leadership ability to drive innovation and achieve unprecedented success in marketing.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Bunmi Adeniba: Driving Innovative Strategies for Marketing Excellence

Renowned marketing expert Bunmi Adeniba, Senior Marketing Director at Coca-Cola, has led the Cola brand to admirable heights in the course of her tenure. Her commitment to sustainable performance resulted in strong double-digit growth across all portfolios, emphasizing investments in capabilities for robust revenue growth.

With decades of experience, her strategic leadership prioritizes growth, utilizing Coca-Cola’s vast distribution networks to develop strong partnerships.

Adeniba’s innovative approach led to Schweppes introducing a sleek 40cl PET bottle and enduring partnerships with global spirit brands like Jack Daniels.

Recognized for her commitment to diversity, the marketing executive also played a key role in Coca-Cola Nigeria’s success at the Women in Marketing and Communications Awards.

Under her leadership, Coca-Cola Nigeria addressed water-related concerns and revamped recycling models, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives. As the former Acting President of ADVAN, Adeniba contributed to reshaping the association with strategic initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on Nigerian Advertising industry.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024
Charting New Frontiers: Morolake Emokpaire’s Impact as Marketing Head

Morolake Emokpaire, the Head of Marketing, West Africa cluster, Mondelez International, has played a pivotal role in the growth and transformation of the leading FMCG company. Formerly the Category Manager, Gum & Candy, her strategic leadership has ushered the global entity into a new phase, launching initiatives that elevated brands, engaged customers, and accelerated business growth. With diverse responsibilities as Marketing Lead for Nigeria & Ghana, her extensive experience across various management levels has redefined the consumer product landscape.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024

Innovating Success: Omotola Bamigbaiye, the Visionary Marketing Director

Omotola Bamigbaiye, a seasoned commercial and strategic planning leader with over 20 years of experience in the financial services and FMCG sector, is currently the Marketing Director at pladis Global Nigeria Limited. With a Doctorate in Marketing, she combines theory and practical experiences in her role and as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Lagos Distance Learning Institute. Omotola has excelled in various roles, from heading marketing at Guinness to pioneering Trade Marketing at Unilever Nigeria.

She is a visionary leader and influential team player with a track record in innovation, portfolio management, and impactful marketing strategies. Omotola is also an award recipient recognized for her contributions to initiatives like Stop Diarrhoea and Malaria Prevention. Outside the boardroom, she enjoys travel and exploring diverse cultures and cuisines.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024

Sola Oke: Championing Record Sales and Marketing Excellence

Sola Oke, the Managing Director for Western Africa at Pernod Ricard, stands as an exemplar of exceptional leadership, steering the company’s growth and development across 22 countries in Western Africa. With over a decade of versatile experience at Pernod Ricard, Oke assumed the role of Managing Director in 2020, armed with a strategic acumen that is evident in his adept handling of market acquisition and retention strategies, catapulting the company to unprecedented success.

One’s remarkable success story extends to emerging markets, particularly Nigeria, where his leadership contributed to an outstanding +81% sales growth, a remarkable achievement which further highlights his adaptability and strategic foresight. As Pernod Ricard continues to thrive in 2023, Sola Oke remains a driving force, skillfully navigating diverse markets with unparalleled proficiency.

C-Suite Executives to watch in 2024

Chris Wulff-Caesar: Trailblazing Marketing Excellence

Renowned as one of Africa’s preeminent marketing professionals, Chris Wulff-Caesar currently sits as the Marketing Director at FrieslandCampina-Sub Saharan Africa. With over 15 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, Wulff-Caesar has become synonymous with marketing brilliance, showcasing skills in Marketing Management, FMCG, Business and Strategy Planning, and Trade Marketing.

In his role as Marketing Director at FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria PLC, Wulff-Caesar has emerged as an outstanding leader. His in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and market trends has been pivotal in crafting highly successful marketing strategies, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and brand prominence.

Leading cross-functional teams with finesse, Wulff-Caesar has orchestrated remarkable achievements, driving substantial market share growth and elevating brand recognition. His prior roles includes Marketing Director at Anheuser-Bush InBev-West Africa and Category Expansion Manager at SABMiller-Africa.

He is armed with an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and a BA (Hons) from the University of Ghana.


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