Marketing Edge unveils Forces Behind the Brands next week

MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s leading and authoritative brands, marketing and advertising focused magazine is set to unveil a fully loaded special edition of its annual review of Nigeria’s marketing and advertising environment with a view to updating consumers, investors, policy makers, the reading public and the international community on the agencies that are maintaining their stand as the brains and brawn; and oiling their corporate muscles as the “Forces Behind the Brands” across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

The special edition, which is packaged in the quintessential MARKETING EDGE fashion, also contains an expose on brands that are poised to dictate the pace in their various segments in the Nigerian market in 2020.

The eclectic review of the agencies cuts across the various sub sectors of the IMC industry; and profiles those agencies which are nimble and muscular enough to remain forces behind the various brands in their portfolios and in the country this year.

Interestingly, the special edition, to be unveiled next week is just the first in the series of such publications which MARKETING EDGE has promised to release to the industry in the coming weeks in keeping with its credo of “Promoting the Brand Idea”, and equally in keeping with its avowed commitment to expanding the frontier of knowledge in the IMC industry in Nigeria and across the globe.

While commenting on the special edition to be unveiled, the Publisher/CEO of MARKETING EDGE, Mr. John Ajayi disclosed that the two-in-one focus has remained an annual “delicacy” which the publication serves to the stakeholders in the Nigerian brand building and brand management environment.

According to him, the magazine has, for years, embarked on this self assigned task of researching the Nigerian market to spot such brands and agencies that differentiate themselves in the marketplace, adding that some of them even cause disruptions and change the game in their spheres.

In Ajayi’s words: “The depth of research that go into packaging the special edition, year in year out, and the veracity of the conclusions have made the annual effort something which the industry looks forward to, making it all the more exciting and fulfilling.”

Shedding more light on the edition, the publisher stated: “Regardless of the fact that the challenges facing the national economy are still strong, and the dynamics which impact consumer purchasing power and the unstable fortunes of brand owners and their agencies still very visible, several brands will still stay afloat.

“The operational environment is still tough while competition lingers, but strong and creative brands will sustainably deliver on their brand promises, boost their brand equities, expand bottom-lines and deliver profits to their various stakeholders all the year round.”

On the other hand, Ajayi emphasised that some of the agencies handling the brands would equally rise up to the occasion and create brand building initiatives that would hit the bull’s eye and deliver results and returns, if possible, magically.

He thus pointed out that the thrust of the special edition was to identify and showcase those brands and agencies which will be inventive and think and act differently to dictate the pace and, possibly, change the game in their spheres in 2020.

Ajayi was excited to disclose that the Series 2 of the special package was already loading and would also be unveiled soon after the first.


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