MARKETING EDGE Publisher tasks advertisers on leveraging PR for brand equity building

By Zion Rufus

Publisher/CEO of Marketing Edge Publications Mr. John Ajayi has reemphasized the importance of public relations (PR) in building brand equity.

Ajayi made this disclosure while discussing industry outlooks, inspiration, and opportunities with the Nigerian Breweries marketing team at the just concluded Nigerian Breweries Media Review Day which was held recently.

The event’s theme “Navigating the Present & Shaping the Future”, and Ajayi spoke on “The Import of Public Relations on Building Brand Equity”.

In his presentation, the MARKETING EDGE publisher gave insights on PR and its relevance in building brand equity, and the elements of brand equity and the global PR market, which are essential for businesses to understand in today’s competitive market. He also highlighted reasons why businesses should see value in public relations. 

“PR is free, more effective than paid advertising, complements marketing activities, mitigates crises, increases brand visibility, and is a long-term game,” he stated, adding that a company can create brand equity for its products by making them memorable, easily recognizable, and superior in quality and reliability by using PR. 

Ajayi further stressed that PR is a long-term game that beats advertising, and urged businesses to make it an integral part of their annual marketing investment. He also highlighted that brand equity has three basic components: consumer perception, negative or positive effects, and the resulting value. 

The elements of brand equity, according to Ajayi, include brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand image, brand associations, and brand value. He noted that brand equity has a direct impact on sales volume and a company’s profitability because consumers gravitate toward products and services with great reputations. 

The Publisher also explained why businesses need to make PR and brand building integral parts of their annual marketing investments.

He said: “A robust PR and communications strategy is critical to building a brand in today’s saturated market. PR is indispensable to modern brands for reasons such as reaping large dividends, mitigating crises, building credibility, and establishing trust with the audience.”


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