Marketers must keep up with a rapidly changing world – Agu

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Emmanuel Agu, Group Marketing Director, Jotna Nigeria Limited (The LaCasera Company), has stressed the need for marketers to keep up with the rapid change in the world, adding that it can be difficult to get marketing teams to turn out creative, effective and fulfilling work.

He made this statement during his presentation at the just concluded MARKETING EDGE Stakeholders’ Quarterly Virtual Summit with the theme, “MAXIMIZING MARKETING EFFICIENCY IN THE AGE OF CHANGING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR”.

Speaking on the reasons for marketing efficiency, Mr. Agu said every marketer should align their marketing goals with company’s goals when they create their quarterly and yearly marketing plans.

“Focus on how your efforts can support overarching goals. This makes your campaigns more efficient. Every marketing campaign needs to fit with your company’s overall goals. If you are in an expansion phase, then marketing should bring in extra leads.

“If you are on a sales drive, then marketing needs to focus on bottom-of -funnel, conversion-focused campaigns. When you share your goal with the team, show them exactly how their campaign supports the larger picture,” he said.

According to the ace marketer, every marketing team can get better at planning.

“Go through last year’s activities and assess how they performed, keeping in mind your strategic objectives. If something didn’t work, replace it with something new, or look at changing it to get a better outcome. If it did work, continue it with any required modifications or updates.

“Assess and be realistic about your turnaround and approval times. And give your creative and media agencies appropriate notice to get work done or book a media schedule. Late bookings incur higher media costs. And forcing your agency to work back overnight to do stuff that could have been accommodated in normal business hours with a little more foresight simply gets higher costs charged back to your business, annoys your agency and exhausts the people you pay to be creative,” he noted.

Mr. Agu advised that marketers should invest in a digital asset management system that enables them to use and re-use their own creative assets for content marketing and social media where suitable, without recourse to their creative agency. This, he opined, will ensure that more commissioned work gets used rather than gather dust and remain unseen in an off-site archive.


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