LIA announces 2021 Creative LIAisons, sets new global benchmark in creative training

London International Awards (LIA) has announced its 2021 Creative LIAisons, while inviting young creatives to the event. The event is designed to develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent across the world.

According to LIA, since the inception of Creative LIAisons in 2012, over 700 young creatives have had the opportunity to participate in this programme.

“Our goal is to set a new global benchmark in creative training. This year, the highly successful and sought-after Creative LIAisons programme has morphed into the first-ever, global virtual one-to-one coaching and networking sessions for young creatives,” LIA said.

Mentees can expect to have e-coaching sessions, of an hour each, with three different industry leaders. Each coaching session is personal and tailored to help further develop your skills, how to work and navigate in these virtual times and establish future directions.

“We have over 90 of the most-experienced and most-awarded creative professionals in the business committed to coach in this virtual program,” LIA noted.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential, helping them to learn rather than teaching them. It is to see in a person the talent they cannot see in themselves, and nurture it.

The mentee selection process is now open. To qualify for the program, young mentees from around the globe must be currently working in the industry or a related business. An allotted number of mentees will be chosen by advertising clubs and associations, trade press and companies that support LIA.

Interested young creatives can also self-nominate by sending THIS FORM to Laurissa Levy by 26th March. Placements are limited to 100 participants.

In addition to being one-to-one with some of the world’s most respected industry leaders, mentees also have the unique privilege to virtually observe LIA statue discussions in real-time this October, virtually attend speaker sessions and have access to Creative Hacks webinars by Bernardo Romero.


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