LASAA Board will help resolve lots of issues- OAAN President

By Felicia Nwosu

Emmanuel Ajufo, President, Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, OAAN, has called for the intervention of the Lagos state government, on the need to institute a board that will oversee and monitor the activities and transactions between the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) and members of OAAN. Ajufo, who is also the  Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Opportunity To See Limited opines that a constituted board will go a long way in resolving some of the challenges encountered in the hands of the agency by members of the Association.

The sectoral leader during an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE said OAAN is ready to continue engaging with the signage agencies in the various parts of the country for a more rewarding partnership. He added that most signage agencies do not understand the business angle of outdoor advertising, but only the financial part.

“We are also going to be asking some questions from a legal point of view, we are going to be seeking legal interpretation on some of the laws, we are not saying that these laws should not come what we are saying is that, when they come out, they should be guided by their laws, let them obey their laws.   For instance, one of the LASAA laws says they should have a governing board. We have not seen any board in LASAA for a very long time now, the one we had when LASAA came up, did not last up to two months before it went comatose. We also know from the LASAA’s law that there is a specified fee that we are supposed to pay on our earnings, that is not being followed. We want to try to use the court to put us in the right perspective. If we are the ones wrong, we take lessons and if they are the ones wrong, let them also take lessons.

Recall that in September 2021, LASAA organised an Out-of-home Advertising Conference & Exhibition, with the theme: Roadmap for the growth of Signage and Out-of-home Advertisement Post-COVID–19 in Lagos State.  According to the Opportunity To See Limited boss, none of the various issues pointed out by the advertising practitioners have been visited for reconsideration since then. The OAAN boss, therefore, appealed to the Lagos state government to provide a lasting solution to their challenges.

“We feel strongly that we need the intervention of the governor before it can be resolved. The LASAA Managing Director is a great and friendly man, and he runs s an open office. In as much as LASAA tries to be friendly, there are fundamental issues that we need to sort out and we believe strongly that only the governor can help us sort them out.

“Take, for instance, the issue of the board, and the concession of roads. These are very strong issues. I can tell you that if the road concession issue had been taken to the board, the outcome would have been different because OAAN would be represented on the board. We have been trying to reach the governor on these issues to no avail. We have written a series of letters to the governor. We know that the governor is listening. He has to hear us. We believe that if we can get that opportunity, a lot of things will change for the good.”


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