Knorr rebrands, wears new lid and fully recyclable container

Unilever has launched a new packaging for its condiment and seasoning brand, Knorr, with the aim of further tackling the impact of plastic waste on the environment. The new containers and lids are fully recyclable and made with recycled polypropylene plastic (rPP).

Mike Ross, Senior Packaging Manager, Unilever, said: “Our goal is to continue making our packaging more environmentally conscious – especially in the food segment – without consumers having to lower their standards in terms of design, performance, user-friendliness and food safety.

“Unilever is committed to cutting our use of virgin plastic in half by 2025. Turning plastic waste into circular polymer will help meet that goal. We are now testing this using material produced from 100% certified circular polymer, with the goal of expanding across our portfolio by 2025.”

He added: “The company intends to produce about 1 million of these containers which equates to saving approximately 2,000 tonnes of virgin plastic in Europe. We have introduced more than 7 million into other European countries. And from next year, we’ll be rolling them out globally.

“Our other partner in this initiative, Greiner Packaging – a leading European manufacturer of plastic packaging – takes SABIC’s rPP and uses it to produce the new recyclable packs. It is not currently possible to produce food-grade rPP with any other form of recycling system.”

According to Unilever, the rPP used in the new Knorr containers is the product of an innovative recycling process from SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals. The process transforms the plastic waste into a resin with the same characteristics as virgin food-grade resin; the containers are also resealable and dishwasher-safe, they can be reused to store food either at home or for day-to-day use in the food service industry.


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