Kantar reveals Coca-Cola most chosen brand of the decade

By Zion Rufus

Following a ten-year analysis of consumer shopping behavior to identify the best performing global brands, research company Kantar has named Coca-Cola the most chosen brand of the decade. 

The Brand Footprint ranking, a measure which combines population, penetration, and consumer choice to show how consumers around the world are buying FMCG brands today, revealed that over the past decade, Coca-Cola was chosen on 63.8 billion occasions by shoppers, that is 21 billion times more than the next most chosen brand.

Commenting on the FMCG ranking which also saw Dettol and Dove emerge as most consistently growing brands of the decade, Kantar said: “Not only is the brand the most chosen in our main FMCG ranking, which is based on purchases for consumption in the home, Coca-Cola also tops both the online brand ranking and the out-of-home ranking, another indicator of the brand’s dominance across channels and occasions. Coca-Cola is in a unique position; it has the second highest global penetration and, in several markets it has over 90% penetration and exceptionally high purchase frequency.”

According to Kantar, Coca-Cola’s success has been solely down to shopper recruitment. The number of households buying the brand increased from 460 million in 2012 to just under 540 million in 2021 – a 17% rise.


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