IWD 2023: MARKETING EDGE, MEDIA EDGE celebrate women

By Abimbola Mohammed

In line with the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023, MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s foremost advertising and brand-focused magazine, and its sister company, MEDIA EDGE, have commemorated the day by celebrating their women workforce, and women around the world.

This year’s theme, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, highlights the role of innovative technology in promoting gender equality and meeting the health and developmental needs of women and girls. In view of this, the two organisations chose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements by extending love to their staff to help create an inclusive world.

Speaking on the role of women in society, John Ajayi, the Publisher/ CEO of MARKETING EDGE, said women are great and should be given equal opportunity as men.

“MARKETING EDGE & MEDIA EDGE join the rest of the world to advocate for gender equality at all levels of human endeavours by pledging DigitalALL, innovation and technology for gender equality in forging a sustainable tomorrow. Happy International Women’s Day to all the heroines in the house, friends, clients and partners! May the Lord continue to strengthen you and provide you with all enablement to shatter the glass ceiling,” he said.

“Celebrating women’s day with the staff and friends of the house is part of our commitment to promote gender equality. It has become inevitable for me to celebrate the women in this organization and beyond as they contribute largely to its growth and the growth of the society,” he added.

Mr. Ajayi noted that 70% of the staff at MARKETING EDGE/ MEDIA EDGE is dominated by intelligent and elegant women.

The staff joined their voices to celebrate the day and also shared their experience at work while appreciating their colleagues who are men but never in any way make them feel less while delivering their duties.

Oladoyin Awoyele, Administrative Executive, MARKETING EDGE, said: “I feel happy to celebrate this year’s IWD. For me, it means that as a woman you can achieve whatever you want to achieve as long as your mind is set to it. To be a woman is a beautiful thing and I celebrate every woman out there. Working here so far has been a good experience for me because the people I work with understand that it is not about your gender, but what you can contribute to the growth of the company as a whole,” she said.

“The staff here has shown that it is not a gender based workforce but competence, and how hard you are willing to go to achieve your career. It is interesting to know that male colleagues here join us to celebrate the women among them. Truth be told, if one happens to work in a place where men feel that women should be treated as a weak gender, then it will make life and work very difficult,” she added.

On her part, Ibitoye Oluwabunmi, Administrative Assistant, said: “I am excited to be celebrating this year’s IWD. I feel great and honoured to work in MARKETING EDGE /MEDIA EDGE because the level of acceptance by the men here is a very good one. They have made my job easy for me and I commend them for their support and understanding. I understand we ladies can sometimes be handful but they have shown me nothing but love. I join the rest of the world to celebrate today and also say #EmbraceEquality.”


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