IMC professionals urge members to embrace Health Walk

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Professionals in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) space, including the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) and the Media Independent Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) have urged their members to embrace the Health Walk, an initiative designed to create awareness and promote education on kidney disease and failure.

The call was made during the just concluded 2022 Health Walk, which had a large number of sectoral leaders such as Femi Adelusi, President of MIPAN, Emmanuel Ajufo, President of OAAN, Seyi Iwayemi, Group Head/ Project Director, Imagine Media Globacom Limited, and Maureen Akachi-Ngwu, Business Director of MediaSeal WPI, amongst others as participants.

Addressing the media, Mr. Adelusi urged members to kick start the Health Walk as individuals by putting a reminder on their calendar.

“Looking at our industry in the last two years, we have been focusing on the well-being of our members. For example, last year, we announced that we would be supporting mental health management and MIPAN as a body has done this consistently in the last seven years.

“We used to do it as MIPAN but today’s walk is in collaboration with OAAN. We see our industry as one in which all the sectoral bodies have to work together much more than ever, because there is always economy of scale. We can break all the bonds and address our issues as good colleagues and friends who share the same value. On that basis, we saw this as an opportunity to walk together,” he said.

Adelusi noted that it would be strategic for MIPAN and OAAN to work together in order to see the visibility and awareness drive for most of the brands that they are handling in their respective agencies.

“Looking at the industry, the health issue (kidney failure) is rampant. We need to drive awareness among our members. These are the things that prompt the collaboration and we hope that in years ahead we can do it with other sectoral bodies. The idea is that we build skill, awareness and participation as we move forward in the years ahead,” he concluded.

On his part, Seyi Iwayemi, Group Head/ Project Director, Maxi Media Globacom Limited, said: “The health walk is very beneficial to me. We are creating awareness because a lot of people have problems with their kidney and they don’t know it. What we are doing is to create awareness for people to know that they should always do medical check to know their health status from time to time, they shouldn’t take anything for granted and the more we are able to do this the more we are able to live longer.”

Mr. Iwayemi added: I’m happy that OOAN and MIPAN are able to collaborate, and I’m also happy to be part of this awareness. Beyond the health walk, most organisations are encouraging medical checks for their staff. We shouldn’t wait till when the situation is critical; when we are able to check our health it gives us early awareness of our health status.”

Recall that practitioners in the IMC called for mental health inclusivity in the industry to ensure that they continue to deliver quality and top-notch solutions.


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