ICELET 2015 Learning Technology Conference Holds in Ibadan

The Publishing Open Institute has announced that the first edition of the International Conference and Exhibition on Learning Technologies will come up between September 29 and 30, 2015. The theme for the event is ‘New Media, Publishing and Open Learning: The African Challenge.

According to the organisers, the conference will help participants keep pace with the demand of a high-tech market and to provide cutting-edge advantage in learning development and skill training services.

Holding at Nigeria’s premier institution of higher learning, University of Ibadan, the ICELET 2015 conference is an international platform that will bring together a global specialist audience in the field of ICT, e-learning, publishing, education and training in an interactive environment ideal for scholars, advertisers and marketers. It will explore technology enhanced learning, publishing and technologies and provide network opportunities for professionals, academics and students.

The Keynote speaker for the conference shall be the former Vice Chancellor of National  Open University of Nigeria and now Secretary to the Kogi State Government, Prof. Olugbemiro Jegede, while a presentation will be made by Dr. Victor Matthews and he will be speaking on “Internet of Things in e-Learning: A Semi-humanoid Wireless Robotic Lecturer.’

In the presentation, participants will be given first-hand information about how Dr. Matthews and his team of researchers have designed and produced a semi-robotic lecturer/teacher for e-learning purpose.

The system can be used by any lecturer from anywhere, at any time by activating the remote robot wirelessly through an assigned IP address. The lecturer can move the robot remotely from one lecture hall to another, see the audience through the eyes of the PTZ camera, interact with students and answer questions during and after the lecture delivery.

The event will also serve to address the digital divide in which Africa is frequently mentioned as a region requiring urgent remedial intervention to meet universal educational standards stipulated in the UNESCO Millennium Development Goals.

It will equally provide a unique experience for digital exhibition and presentations on advances, research result, products and services in the field of learning technology and the development of e-learning in Africa.

The conference which draws participants from all over Africa and the international community will be a convergence of professionals from diverse fields of endeavours, including Information Communication Technology, software developers, computer merchants, publishers, trainers, broadcasters, bankers, writers, civil servants and a wide range of professionals from other sectors.



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