HP announces support, proactive insight-driven services for Nigerian market

As part of commitment to assisting the IT practitioners and IT related organisations in Nigeria and making them be up to the task in facing recent challenges, a leading global ICT company and household name, HP, and producers of laptops, printers and other electronic gadgets, has announced its latest insight-driven services for the Nigerian market.

In support of Nigeria IT world, the company has launched HP Active Care for proactive device support and maintenance; HP Proactive Insights for intelligent fleet monitoring and HP Proactive Endpoint Management for multi-OS, endpoint management.

HP Inc. Global Head and General Manager, Personal Systems Services, Sumeer Chandra said that HP has a portfolio of insight-driven services that put actionable insights at IT’s fingertips by securely collecting device telemetry and applying analytics and deep learning via the HP TechPulse platform.

It could be recalled that HP had earlier announced HP Smart Support that helps IT teams reduce HP Support call times at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021). This capability is said to be available at no additional cost to customers and with this, HP Customer Service Agents now have access to device-level insights through cloud-based telemetry to allow the agents to improve the customer support experience and reduce the amount of time end users spend on support calls.

According to Chandra, the Smart Support will be available via download in early March.

“With half of the global workforce working remotely, IT teams are facing unprecedented challenges. They have been tasked with managing, securing, and supporting computing devices for a workforce that is spread across multiple locations, often without the ability to help them in-person. At the same time, it has become paramount for IT to help deliver higher productivity and improved employee experiences with technology.”

“Even before the global pandemic began, more than half of IT managers identified that increased predictive technology analytics will be prioritised when it comes to their device management strategy.”

The HP boss disclosed that the HP Active Care uses artificial intelligence from HP TechPulse to help IT proactively identify needed device repairs and make replacements, if needed, saving valuable employee time and frustration.

“The service provides a combination of predictive device health analytics, proactive help desk ticket creation, remote support, remediation services, and next business day onsite response to keep employees up and running. IT teams can also reduce downtime with automatic case generation, which opens a help desk case when an issue is detected and triggers the customer’s IT team to schedule a repair,” he added.

“Paramount to businesses is the ability to have a single solution that efficiently monitors their fleet of employee devices regardless of what type of PC it is or what operating system it runs on. HP Proactive Insights does just this. It provides fleet analytics on multi-vendor, multi-OS devices to help organisations reduce the cost and complexity of device management. Predictive insights delivered by the HP TechPulse platform help IT manage the health and performance of their endpoint devices, while measuring and optimising the employee experience,” Chandra said.

With this, IT managers can now measure, track, and improve their employee end-user experience using analytics and employee experience campaigns, or surveys. Employee engagement is largely driven by their experiences with technology and engagement is correlated with retention.

Chandra said: “HP wants to help organisations proactively identify and address technology-related issues that can improve employee experiences and engagement,”

The ICT Company said HP Proactive Insights allows both IT managers and HP channel partners acting on their behalf to ensure that employees have the right technology for their work based on their actual usage data and that IT managers can proactively mitigate device or application issues before they affect employees or the organisation.

HP also expressed that Proactive Insights suggests recommendations for remediation, which can be fed through customers’ IT Service Management (ITSM) via API integration, if desired.

HP claimed that managing devices effectively and efficiently has never been more critical with widely distributed workforces; and so said HP Proactive Endpoint Management is an endpoint management service that can help customers and partners reduce the amount of time spent on arduous device management tasks. IT teams can now offload their most arduous device management tasks such as asset tracking, device performance, and device utilisation.

The company said that Service Experts serve as an extension of the organisation’s IT team – using analytics from HP TechPulse and leading cloud-based tools to help manage endpoint devices regardless of platform or manufacturer – so IT can focus on optimising the employee’s overall technology experience. The service is compatible with systems like ServiceNow, Microsoft Intune, and VMware, making it easier for organisations to optimise their existing investments.

Assuring Nigerian IT teams, Chandra said: “With today’s announcement, HP is providing insight-driven services leveraging unique capabilities and AI from the HP TechPulse platform, enabling IT managers to prioritise improvements to maximise productivity and improve employee experiences. HP Active Care is available now, with HP Proactive Insights and HP Proactive Endpoint Management expected to be available in March”.


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