Heineken excites golfers at Nigeria Cup

The 2015 edition of the Nigeria Cup will tee off at the golf section of the IkoyiClub1938 this weekend with the International premium lager beer, Heineken, set to bring excitement to the week-long event.

About 180 golfers are slugging it out in the finals of various events which the chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr. Lanre Kalejaiye said commenced on Saturday with the theme ‘Seven Shades of Green’ to showcase “ a key value that defines who we are, and celebrate a different shade of our national color – green,” he explained.

Heineken has been part of the annual golf event to celebrate the country’s independence and the excitement that goes with it has been the talking point among participants and fun seekers. The international premium lager beer has made known its intention of continuous partnership with the annual event.

The senior brand manager Heineken, Ngozi Nkwoji last week noted that Nigerian Breweries through the brand has been partnering with Ikoyi Club for several years and is committed to the sponsorship.

“Ikoyi club is a prestigious club and Heineken is the most international premium lager beer in Nigeria and I think it is a perfect match. Our involvement with golf is about value. We are committed to the development of our youth establishment young executives and well-being of Nigerians.

“The game of golf apart from being a professional and recreational sport, provides our youths a platform for networking, socializing as well as development of the physical well-being.

“Although we (Heineken) have a global identity with the UEFA Champions League but when you look at your locality you will see what makes you a truly Nigerian and the Nigerian Cup in Ikoyi is truly a Nigerian tournament.


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