Headstart Gathers Industry Leaders to celebrate 6 years

Headstart, a strategy and innovation firm based in Lagos hosted the maiden edition of #MadeInHeadstart – a 3 hour networking event & industry meet-up themed “6 Shades of Innovation’’ on Friday 21stth of  August 2015 at The Coven. It’s was an opportunity to celebrate 6 years of doing great work and a chance to meet with other professionals pushing the boundaries of innovation in Nigeria to have meaningful discussions.

Speaking in Lagos last week at the networking event, the Principal consultant at Headstart, Mr Fanen Acho, quickly debunked the perception that Headstart is an advertising agency. “We like to see ourselves as a strategy and innovation company and work in five core areas, enterprise innovation, brand development, creative services, organisational transformation and market intelligence”. According to him “Our approach to work is integrated and multi-disciplinary.”

Headstart is proud of its 6 year track record of organic growth and sustained profitability while delivering superior innovative solutions,” said Fanen. “At the same time, as an emerging leader, we are forward-focused on this next phase and have significant plans to deliver substantial additional value to our clients and innovation to the industry.”

On projects for the future, Fanen said that the company is focused more on creating proprietary products and assets that clients could explore to enhance their businesses. “For example, we have three main products beside our consulting services. “We have product called Dexteria Research, an online research platform which houses a product called ‘PR Monitor’ that analyses PR activities for clients. We have ‘’Freespirit’’, a specialized recruitment platform, and ‘‘Living the Brand’, a brand acculturation platform”

According to him, Freespirit, a leading recruitment platform for MMCC – Marketing, Media, Communications and creative services, was set up due to the gap in the industry.

“There was no dedicated recruitment platform that offers that service. So we felt we should create a platform that allows develop a community and database of professionals in the industry that could be recruited by large corporate and agencies.”

He however said that Headstart should not be seen as a recruitment company and that recruitment is just a small part of what the company does to solve needs in the industry.

“We are purely a strategy and innovation Firm.”

About Headstart

Headstart is strategy and Innovation Company. We offer services in strategic innovation, brand development, organisational transformation, Market intelligence and creative services.

Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, Headstart helps organisations understand critical market and business dynamics and work with them to: develop and implement strategies; build capabilities, innovate, compete favourably, achieve growth, and improve productivity and profitability by leveraging the power of their brands.


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