Glo introduces ‘Glo Social Bundles’ for social media users

Globacom is facilitating a new plan to social media platforms by introducing an affordable package called ‘Glo Social Bundles’, which include WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Under this, subscribers can enjoy 100MB for N25 per day, 200MB for N50 valid for seven days and 500MB for N100 – valid for 30 days.

Another package is named YouTube Bundle for YouTube viewing alone, which gives 100MB per day for N50, 200MB for 7 days at N100 and 500MB for N250 – valid for 30 days.

There is also Single Bundles where customers can choose among Tiktok, Telegram and Instagram, giving 20MB at N25 for a day, 50MB at N50 for 7 days, and 125MB of data for N100 – valid for 30 days.

This plan would be available to all globacom users as they can access any of the packages by dialing *777# and clicking on Social Bundles to view a menu of the respective bundles.

There is an option of auto-renewal for subscribers who wish to have uninterrupted subscription. To use this option, the subscriber is required to have enough credit for the type of subscription he or she desires.


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