Four things that will shape Nigeria’s Media Advertising Industry – Emeka Okeke

Emeka Okeke, Group CEO, Media Fuse Dentsu Aegis Network, is an expert in brand building with two decades experience in the media, creative and media agencies in the West African sub-region.

At 2017 MARKETING EDGE Stakeholders Summit and Awards held in Lagos recently, themed “Brand Marketing and Marketing Management in a Recovering but Restructuring Nigerian Economy: Challenges and Implications for Marketing Services Providers”, Okeke shared some insights that will shape the Nigerian media advertising landscape in a recovering economy. Below are the insights:



I see recession as a blessing in disguise because it takes us away from wasteful spending to careful spending and retooling ourselves with the right skill set to be able to plan efficiently and deliver results that will impact on bottom line.

What I am saying here is that, if you look at the way communication is evolving, we ask ourselves, “Do we have the right skills set to navigate into the minds of today’s consumers?” For instance, how do we begin to ensure that money being spent is not wastefully spent in terms of investment on videos?” I choose the word ‘video’ as opposed to television, in the sense that if you are laying out plans and asking your client to invest on TV ABC Channel. How? Are you going to tell the client that the same people watching the TV are not receiving the same videos on the multiple devices they have? So, measurability becomes key. That is one.


Secondly, are we retooling or retraining our TV planners and radio planners to be able to plan for multi screens? Do we have an educational foundation in what we do that will drive us to the next stage, in targeting these elusive consumers and ensure that we get the right result?

Leveraging on data

We have telecommunications companies investing massively in data. How are we leveraging that to deliver the much needed data explosion? We have Glo-1 and Main One laying submarine cables from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. What are we doing in terms of leveraging these data? What are we doing to connect these data? Efforts have been made; I will only encourage us to support such effort as we move along.

Shift from B2B to P2P

Lastly, it is about our operating model. Are we still holding on to yesterday’s operating models that would not deliver results to the client? Meaning, do we still need to operate as a tripod? – creative agency, media agency and client service. I think time has come for us to change the operating model from business to business (B2B) to people to people (P2P), in the sense that our priority today is not what we deliver as agency network to some of our clients but how we connect the people on the street, how we connect with people that use multiple devices and how we unearth the behaviour of people and bring impact in what we do.

We need to look again at our creative models; it is time for us to collaborate and act as silhouette that would deliver special skills.


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