FMCG of the future is no longer about size but speed – Gbolahan Sanni

By Felicia Nwosu

Consummate  marketing expert and Marketing Director of Coca Cola Nigeria Limited, Gbolahan Sanni has observed that the Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) market has become more competitive than ever, stating that the competition is no longer about size but speed.

The Marketing Chief, noted this during an exclusive interview with Nigeria’s leading Brand & Marketing publication, MARKETING EDGE, while giving his view on the future of  the foremost FMCG company.

He equally observed that an increasing number of consumer packaged goods (CPG) players are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) operations to streamline the production, distribution, as well as consumption of their products.

The Marketing Director revealed that the competition is only going to get more intense as sustaining profitability in such a competitive era is getting increasingly challenging for businesses. He therefore emphasized the need for companies to incorporate artificial intelligence into their  market planning for more competitive advantage.

He maintained that,”FMCG of the future  will have their products distributed more digitally, so building the muscle for e-commerce, making sure  that consumers are able to click and buy whatever products they need delivered to their homes is an extremely critical part of the future.”

Gbolahan advised that for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, e-commerce must become part of the future, insisting that business should not just focus on owning in-demand products but also on how to enhance customer service, especially when it comes to providing enhanced customer services.

He also observed the fact that Nigeria’s huge population consist mostly of young people, who are digital natives driven by artificial intelligence. Mr. Sanni therefore believes that, since the customer of the future is very informed, AI therefore can assist companies in end – to – end management from production to consumption.

“The consumer of the future is very distracted and has no time for listening as much as it was done back in the days. You will need to depend on artificial intelligence and big data to manage the conversation with consumers when it comes to the future.”

Significantly, he noted that the fastest companies of the future will be companies that win the market through Artificial intelligence.







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