Firm gives reasons for changing name to CWG Plc

CWG Plc, formerly Computer Warehouse Group, has given reasons for its recent change of name. The company, which began operations many years ago as a computers reseller,  has now morphed into a full-fledged technology solutions platform provider that enables growth of businesses.

Speaking on the name change and the rebranding effort, Mrs. Anthonia Ehanmo, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications at CWG Plc, stated that the name change was basically to reflect the capacity, growth and strength of the pan-African ICT company with operations in four African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun and Uganda.

“We are no longer Computer Warehouse Group, but CWG Plc because we have truly come of age and the way to go for any company is to adopt a Kaizen attitude; an attitude which CWG has been known for year after year, solution after solution; hence, the name change is ‘US’ simply stepping forward and owning our space”, she announced at the company’s headquarter in Lagos.

She explained that Computer Warehouse Limited started 25 years ago, with a name that was synonymous with its line of business then; but today, it has expanded, providing numerous technology solutions which cater to both the private and the public sectors. “CWG’s scope covers IT Infrastructure Hardware Services, Software Services, Communications, Managed Services and Cloud Services/CWG 2.0”. With a Data Centre and a professional training academy as part of its facilities, it was indeed clear that the previous name, Computer Warehouse Limited and eventually Group, no longer resonated with the company; what was and is definitely more befitting is CWG Plc”,  she asserted.

Ehanmo added that rather than have people play the guess games, trying to match the name with its offerings anytime they hear Computer Warehouse Group, thinking it is a computer company or they just sell and warehouse computer hardware, it is better to simply stick to CWG which incidentally is also its acronym. CWG attracts easy recall for this ICT conglomerate and will induce enough curiosity; ensuring people enquire what the company does, whilst retaining its known heritage and integrity.

CWG Plc, which will be 25 years in business by mid-year of 2017, has transformed over the last few years from a struggling ‘computers and hardware reseller business’ to what many stakeholders in the ICT industry believe is the largest system integration company in sub-Saharan Africa.

The 2016 financial year result released by the company, which was listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in 2017, shows that CWG Plc recovered from a loss position of N1.80 billion in 2015 to achieve a growth of 107 per cent Profit After Tax in 2016. This is a feat worthy of a company that has come this far and weathered all kinds of storm.


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