Fidelity Bank Virtual Card promises to transform users’ online shopping experience

Fidelity Bank Plc is continuously proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the digital banking space and this is evident in the launch of innovative, digitally-driven initiatives and products, one of the most recent being its Virtual Card campaign – Virtually All You Need.
The campaign targets avid enthusiasts of the convenient lifestyle, account holders in the diaspora as well as frequent online shoppers and encourages these customers to create a Fidelity Virtual Card. Here are a few reasons. why you’ll love the Fidelity Virtual Card:


What’s better than one debit card? Two. Except in this case, the second one is virtual. That way, if you’re making online payments, it’s no bother if your physical card is out of reach, damaged or expired. The Virtual Card ensures that there are no lapses in sorting out your online payments as you’ll always have it handy.


Most people will agree that one of their biggest fears is for their debit card to end up missing, stolen or in the wrong hands. Rest assured knowing that your virtual card cannot be stolen or misplaced, and this makes it very secure.

No Branch Visit Required

You can set up your virtual card wherever you are via your electronic device. Simply log on to your online banking platform, select the CARDS option, create a Virtual Card, link it to your Fidelity Bank account and you’re all set.
You can also get 10% cashback on your last 3 consecutive purchases worth a total of N60,000 and above from now till September! The Fidelity Virtual card is virtually all you need to make payments online.


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