FG directs NIMN to enact statutory powers

After operating for eight years without exerting its charter status, the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari has finally and formally granted legal teeth to the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, (NIMN).

This feat was announced through a formal proclamation by the Hon. Minister for Industry, Trade and Investments, Dr. Okechukwu Enalemah at the investiture ceremony of the newly elected president of NIMN, Mr. Anthony Agenmomen held at Eko Hotel & Suites weekend.

Commending members of the institute for putting their differences aside and working together as one, the Honourable Minister, Dr. Okechukwu Enalemah observed that divisions in the past years have denied the institute in playing its statutory roles.

“Now that you are united and looking forward to fully playing your role as prescribed in the enabling Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria under the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Act, 2003,… therefore, I Dr. Okechukwu Enalemah, Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Federal Republic of Nigeria, being the supervisory minister, hereby formally proclaim the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Act 2003” to the glory of God and the service of Nigeria”.

With the above quoted, the Hon. Minister, ably represented at the occasion by the Acting Managing Director of Bank of Industry (BOI), Mr. Waheed Olagunju enjoined NIMN to live up to its statutory powers by playing its full part to members and national development.

Specifically, he observed that the strategic relevance of NIMN has convinced him that the Ministry of trade and investment can collaborate with the institute in the task of moving the nation forward, stating that “we need to market the enormous investments opportunities in Nigeria”.

Earlier in his paper presentation during the investiture lecture, Chairman of the Troyka Group, Mr. Abiodun Olusina Shobanjo had in his lecture titled “Marketing Nigeria – The Challenges” urged NIMN to bridge the knowledge gap of its members.

Specifically, Shobanjo stated that “where brand truth becomes questionable, brand collapse is inevitable” – a lot of factors, he observed could be responsible for this happening – one of which is the depth of knowledge, skill and experience of those charged with the responsibility of nurturing brands.

He advised on the need “to design deliberate spin on national meaning by employing story telling at painting an enchanting imagery on the senses of prospective customers in such a way that will stimulate their desire for our assets – spiritual and material – in order to make a choice of destination Nigeria and of course to the rejection of our competition”, Shobanjo counseled.

In his speech at the occasion, NIMN president, Mr. Tony Agenmomen assured members that his new exco is poised to enforce the provisions of NIMN Act 2003 which clearly states that it is illegal to practice marketing without being a registered member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. The same Act, Agenmomen disclosed provides for all marketing organizations to register as corporate members

His words: “Membership of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria has only one condition attached to it that is once you practice marketing, by what name defined, it is mandatory by law to be registered with the institute as a marketing professional. In other words, it is not voluntary. The Act setting up the institute is very clear and I want to draw the attention of all marketing professionals to find some time to understand it”.

“The current council is determined to enforce the provisions of NIMN Act 2003, which clearly states that it is illegal to practice marketing without being a registered member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria”.

He stated that the council’s approach to enforcement is to avoid use of force, except this is a very last resort.


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