CURLLA unveils world-class beauty salon in Lekki

By Abimbola Mohammed

Situated at the heart of Lagos Island with an impeccably upper-class square duplex, CURLLA has unveiled a specialised world-class salon, designed to offer utmost privacy, comfort and luxurious experience to its clients. The saloon opens from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Located on 17b Wole Ariyo Street, off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, the top-notch salon is packed with bespoke furniture built for clients’ comfort, fantastic ambience with signature fragrance, unique beauty hair products, VIP and regular sections for male, female and children. With its VIP treatment, clients get to enjoy unbridled opulence and the opportunity of unrivalled pampering and privacy.

Speaking during the unveiling, Lola Adedeji, CEO CURLLA Luxury salon, noted that one of the things that inspired her to launch the facility was her passion for quality and privacy. She added that most salons in Nigeria don’t really care much about customer experience but their bottom-line.

“This salon was borne out of the passion for perfection, privacy and luxury. When you go to some salon here in Nigeria you have a hair stylist talking over your head, looking into your phone or a customer taking a picture of himself/ herself. These are things that we have lost in the Nigeria beauty parlour and those are what CURLLA is offering.  Some of our core principles are privacy, quality, peace of mind and luxury.

“When you come into CURLLA, the first thing you notice is the smell, which is our signature smell. One of the things the smell does is to welcome you to our world and it also calms you down. When you get in here you quickly get into serenity,” she said.

Beauty lines and hair products are already a saturated market in Nigeria as more women don’t get tired of looking beautiful and elegant. Bearing this in mind, Adedeji noted that her signature salon offers the best quality service that no other beauty parlour offers in Nigeria.

“It is not pride but a fact, CURLLA offers the best quality service in Nigeria. The only place you can get the kind of service we offer here is Europe, America etc. We are not competing with salons here in Nigeria, we are benchmarking our offering with global standards and I dare that no other salons here in Nigeria can challenge us. They can only try.”

 Adedeji added that all hairs from CURLLA are original human hairs gotten directly from people who are willing to give out hair rather than the hair some salon sells without knowing the source of the hair or where it is generated from.

“When we get these hairs from our sources they go through different processes of treatment with unique hair products that meet global standards,” she said.

On how to enjoy the services the salon offers, she said: “You can only get to experience CURLLA services by appointment via the mobile app, website, Instagram or mobile phone. Those who do not book appointments prior to the walk-in can only buy wigs.”

“Constancy and consistency is a big thing for us. What you meet today, you will meet in ten years. Our staff is always in training and we are always keeping up with new trends in the industry, because we want to make sure that you don’t always leave Nigeria for the best and we must ensure that what you get here is uniquely packaged with global taste. I will be happy to see competitors coming up because I want Nigeria to be better; but they will never be CURLLA.

The CEO hinted that CURLLA hair will soon launch its own beauty product and also open more branches across Nigeria.  


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