Fearless Energy Drink drops best ad of 2021

We cannot but give well deserving accolades to Rites food Ltd on serving us back to back with mind-blowing products for some time now. Fearless energy drink stormed the market in 2017 and ever since, has been making waves so much we can even say it’s been surfing across various oceans. The energy drink is certainly a necessity after a long and tasking day! You can choose to restore your energy in two different ways, given the availability of the classic and red berry flavour everywhere and anywhere you go.

With a constantly growing fan base, Fearless believes their customers deserve to enjoy such a brilliant advert at the start of the year. Paying attention to so many details, Fearless successfully pulled off an entertaining and enjoyable advert which featured so many beautiful models and some of our favourite celebrities “Kaffy Shafau-Ameh (Kaffy)” and “Tobi Bakare”. The advert embodies being fearless, we got the hint when Kaffy and Tobi Bakare engaged in a dance battle (“Step Up”, The movie style), after bumping into each other. Fearless has symbolized its logo with a Lion which we all know as the undisputed king of the jungle; The message has clearly been passed across beyond reasonable doubt.

The energetic mind-blowing choreography displayed by Kaffy and her crew gave us a unique vibe and feel, not leaving out the whole proudly Nigerian vibe gotten from the art design and visual effects. Saying this Fearless advert is as good as gold is really not overhyping it in any way. Or should we talk about the premium appeal and aesthetics too?

I don’t know about you, but after seeing this advert, I’m convinced that with a bottle of Fearless Energy Drink, I can surely fear less! Cheers to a year of fearing less with the awesome Fearless Drink! It is only fair enough to say our year has already been made with this impressive ad. Check it out!


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