Facebook Now Accepts Advert Payment in Naira

Chief Product Officer, Facebook, Chris Cox said the social networking company has started accepting Nigeria’s local currency, Naira, for advert payment on its platform.

It would be recalled that when Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria in 2016, one of the requests he heard was for businesses to be able to pay for advertising and other services in Naira.

“ In response, Facebook has started accepting locally issued Nigerian Naira cards from new advertisers for payments on its ads platform.

“With 8.6 million people in Nigeria using Facebook on mobile every day, Facebook is a great place for businesses to reach their customers and market their products and services. We’re listening to our community of partners, developers, advertisers and content creators to understand what we can build to best serve their needs,” Cox said.

He said that Facebook was continuously working to offer new payment options to make Facebook ads more accessible for all advertisers.

According to him, from March 8, 2017, Facebook would kick off “Boost Your Business,’’ a series of free training sessions.


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