Experts urge young agencies to leverage digital platforms

By Felicia Nwosu

Experts in the Integrated Marketing Communications have advised leading agencies to revamp their strategies given the fierce competition engendered by the Covid-19 pandemic. They, therefore, called on young agencies to embrace digital platforms to enable them give a tough fight to competition and experience significant growth in their business.

Speaking from a business perspective, Maureen Ngwu, Business Director of MediaSeal WPI, stressed the need for upcoming agencies to redefine the game by leveraging the power of innovation to unleash unstoppable growth that will enable them compete with bigger agencies.

Hear her: “Start looking deeper to alternative media platforms so that you can get directly to your consumers. As the consumers are moving faster, you need to move with them with strong analytics, don’t stick to what you are used to. Learn to challenge innovative drive by moving faster than consumers in capturing a fast-growing and profitable online market.”

The seasoned communications professional reaffirmed that social media marketing in particular has proved to be a great leveler of sorts, while urging them to utilise and maximize every available space in generating brand awareness and instant visibility for their business and offering. “There is new trend on e-commerce through various apps which have all come to stay. They have not really explored the platforms to harness it with advert opportunities. In fact, omni-channel platform is something every agency has to consider, and need to deeply look into.”

Another media expert, Bada Akintunde-Johnson, Country Manager for ViacomCBS Networks Africa, similarly revealed that consumers are hungry for content, and therefore urged young agencies to leverage various platforms as it is impossible to predict which medium can catapult an agency  from anonymity to unfathomable popularity in a faster pace leading to the emergence of competing with big brands.

“Facing stiff competition requires a change of mindset. How do you stay afloat to make profit? How do you create new pipeline for new revenues? As technology evolves, the currency has always been content, and soon, growth in technology will outpace growth in service. There is greater appetite for media content. The audiences are moving to the space where they can participate, it simply means that consumers are gravitating towards the space where they can get personalized consumption in content.”

The Creative Manager noted that media services are creating their own contents, and so charged upcoming agencies to embrace virtual reality, other digital marketing channels, as it will enable consumers to experience contents real time, as well as in connecting with them.


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