Ehingbeti 2021: 9mobile supports moves for Lagos’ Smart City initiative

9mobile, one of the leading telecom firms, has declared its support for the ‘Smart City’ initiative of the Lagos State Government.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria’s 9mobile, Alan Sinfield, make the declaration at a panel session of the Lagos State Economic Summit  Ehingbeti 2021 themed ‘For a Greater Lagos: Setting the Tone for the Next Decade’.

Speaking at the panel session on ‘Digital Transformation Solutions for Smart Cities’, Sinfield stated that “the significance of the Smart City Masterplan of Lagos State and how 9mobile would facilitate its realization”.

“At 9mobile, we are continually innovating, and smart city and smart building and other IoT solutions will be delivered through the deployment of technologies, infrastructure and by collaborating with stakeholders to provide seamless access”.

“Telecommunications is the foundation and the critical building block for the delivery of a smart city. It supports the delivery of digital transformation and inclusion and underpins how the goals of full financial inclusion for everyone will be realized,” he mentioned.

Sinfield added that “one additional critical element will be the service management element. We should never lose sight that once envisioned, developed, and implemented, nothing ever works well or is sustainable without the necessary support teams to maintain and keep things working”.

“There is a real need to focus on developing the skills and support framework and not just the appealing AI/ ML and technology aspects.”

Sinfield, who highlighted the telco’s outstanding service quality, further noted that digital and tech hubs are crucial for building talent.


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