Dozie Mbanefo: Consummate Adman with style, swag and panache

Prince Dozie Mbanefo, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of New Crystal Communications Ltd, a leading Out-Of-Home digitally wired agency is Primus enterperes in the competitive Nigerian OOH Sector.

A trained Engineer with impeccable track records of out-standing performances in his chosen field, Mbanefo who has put behind him over two decades of admirable years with dynamism behind him in the industry is a proud holder of MBA in marketing and advertising both in Nigeria, UK and United states of America.

He has gathered a lot of experiences working on multinational and government accounts across several sectors and services ensuring that the accounts in his control have the best. He has also been involved in development of data and tools for accessing efficiency of out-of-home Advertising.

New Crystal Communications, the agency which he founded and leads, is a major outdoor advertising company with offices in major cities of Nigeria and advertising coverage reaching all the corners of the country and most West African countries.

Initially established as a printing and public relations company in 1994, the company has risen to become one of the most prominent and influential outdoor advertising companies in the country. In fact, the agency has grown into an Octopus with foot-prints on all paths.

Since its inception as an outdoor advertising company in 1998, New Crystal has quickly risen to lead the market with its innovative approach, introducing a number of world class products and services to the Nigerian market and earning itself a prestigious position within the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN).

With his digital-driven OOH Products doting skylines of many Nigerian cities, towns and metropolis, Prince Mbanefo is fast assuming the status of the “KING OF THE AFRICAN OOH”. Gentle, Suave and humane, Mbanefo, an avant-garde professional is one bold and audacious entrepreneur that his generation has bequeathed to the Nigerian advertising industry and enterprise.

Mbanefo’s passion for professionalism and excellence in any task he is committed has almost become an “obsession”. For him, enterprise is not only about making money or posting huge financial returns. Rather it is all about value. It is all about impact. And it is all about changing the paradigm, setting new standards and bench-marks while creating value for all stake-holders within the value chain. He is a humanist to the core as he has no space within him for bile or hate. His businesses are peopled by exciting, ever-happy employees whose commitment to enterprise is remarkably inspiring and admirable. Mbanefo has uniquely and robustly demonstrated this in his over two decades practice as an Out-of-Home advertising professional per excellence! With innovation and creativity at the heart of his drive and endeavours, Engineer Prince Dozie Mbanefo continues to set the pace.

He continues to navigate the fortress where even the devils feared to thread. He is bold and audacious. He has guts, grit and intellectual acumen that keep propelling him to higher and enviable heights. As at today, he remains a quintessential OOH practitioner whom all advertisers in the country would like to trust with their brands exposure on the OOH. Yet, he remains loving, humble and affable but extraordinarily outstanding on value creation and addition.


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