Diamond bank targets emerging business executives with rebranded products

Diamond Bank Plc is re-engineering its product offerings in a bid to strengthen its competitive edge. The bank has announced the change of names of six of its flagship financial products.

The Bank said the name change became imperative as it sought to align its product offerings to the changing lifestyle of its customers, and also, point the future direction of the Bank to constantly refresh its products to meet the current needs and lifestyle of the customer.

Chioma Afe, the Bank’s chief spokesperson said in a statement to the press that the change of names of the six products was in line with the Bank’s renewed business focus.
“Our aim, among others, is to rightly position our products to conform to current business realities, and most importantly, ensure that our product offerings are tailored to meet the continuously changing lifestyle of the customer,” she said.

According to Afe, the financial products include MSME Propositions, which is now changed to Emerging Businesses while MSME Domiciliary Account is renamed Emerging Business Domiciliary Account. Also, Diamond BusinessXpress Account (DBXA) is changed to Diamond Business Advantage (DBA) while Diamond SchoolXpress Account (DSXA) is renamed Diamond School Advantage (DSA).

Others include MSME loans now changed to Emerging Businesses Loans while MSME Business Registration Service is changed to Emerging Businesses Registration Service.
“The name change does not affect the product quality, as the service delivery remains the same. What we have done is to refresh them and ensure that the customer will derive the utmost benefit using any of these products,” Afe added.

According to the Bank, the name Emerging Businesses properly captures its overall aim, which is to aid small businesses to grow and become established and big enterprises. Emerging Businesses proposition, therefore, act as a pipeline feeding the middle and lower segment of the market.


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