Diageo collaborates with Instagram to launch AR Filter to promote responsible drinking

Diageo, in collaboration with Instagram, has launched The Balance Challenge augmented reality filter to inform drinkers on the importance of drinking water in moderation and to encourage them to swap an alcoholic drink for water.

The Multinational alcohol beverage company and the Social media giant unveiled the initiative as part of Diageo’s recently launched 10-year sustainability plan, one of which the company intends to reach more than one billion individuals across the globe with the message of moderation by 2030.

Chief marketing officer, Diageo, Cristina Diezhandino, said: “Drinking water as a spacer between drinks is one of the simplest ways people can moderate their alcohol intake and our new campaign is a fun and engaging way to bring this to life. We are determined to reach more than one billion people with messages of moderation by 2030.”

Diageo’s 10-year sustainability plan majorly includes promoting positive drinking, championing inclusion and diversity, and pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability. Diageo also aims to change the attitudes of five million drivers towards drink driving, and educate over 10 million people on the dangers of drinking underage through its alcohol education awareness program “SMASHED”.

“This campaign will also raise funds for WaterAid who we have been passionate supporters of for over a decade, helping to give over 100,000 people access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene,” Diezhandino added.

The Balance Challenge will enable the brand to support the hospitality sector, as it encourages bar owners and bartenders to help people make informed and better choices on alcohol while contributing to a good cause. Users are also encouraged to donate the cost of an alcoholic drink to international charity Water Aid through Instagram’s donate sticker.


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