Demand for remote, hybrid workforce reach all time high at 457%


A report by professional networking platform LinkedIn has revealed that the percentage of paid job postings on LinkedIn that offered remote work had risen by 457% compared to the past one year.

LinkedIn News Editor, Ashley Peterson revealed in a recent report that remote job listings have skyrocketed across the professional spectrum over the past year.

She said: “Remote and hybrid workforces are fundamentally changing the way we work. On LinkedIn, we’ve seen the number of remote marketing job listings increase by 177% over the past six months. It goes without saying that the growth of remote positions is hardly unique to marketing, but the trend is relatively pronounced in this category. Companies are becoming more comfortable work-from-home teams collaborating and creating together through purely digital means.”

Across the globe, the professional sphere which includes industries, job categories, and specific roles have all been affected in one way or another by the disruptive effects of 2020’s pandemic. Remote working is likely to continue as a trend as big names, including Microsoft, Ford, Twitter, and Unilever amongst others embrace long-term remote working options. According to an ETR survey, 72% of the global workforce is working remotely.
Many organizations have also adopted the hybrid model, a combination of remote work and onsite work. Overtime, companies and their workforce leveraged the benefits of remote working, hence the surge in demand.

“Marketing is one career that’s been reshaped dramatically over the past 14 months or so. Demand is shifting. Geography is lessening in importance. Inter-team dynamics are being reconfigured as marketing professionals adapt to remote work and distributed colleagues as the norm,” Peterson added.

LinkedIn data reveals some specific job titles that are growing in demand from a remote standpoint; they include Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Digital Marketing Manager, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Content Writer, Social Media Manager
Marketing Manager, Media Buyer, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Account Manager.
The remote revolution applies to basically the entire range of marketing specializations: content, social media, SEO, digital strategy, and more.


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