CWG Plc launches Innovation Hub

Leading Technology solution provider, CWG Plc, has launched a new Innovation Hub to deliver efficient technological solutions to its clients.

Speaking during the official opening of the Innovation Hub at the company’s headquarters at Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. James Agada, said the facility was significant to its (the company’s) growth and overall development. Agada said that since CWG Plc develops its own technological solutions, it was paramount for the company to have a facility that would guarantee the speedy development of these solutions to its numerous clients.

According to him, “this transformation would allow CWG be master of its own destiny in that the facility provides a conducive environment for our developers to create more of our own technology, as that guarantees us long term survival. This particular facility is dedicated to encouraging innovation to ensure technology advancements that enable growth”.

Agada further said, “One of the areas where we stand a chance of owning our own intellectual property and our technology is in Software. So a lot of things that the company has been doing and the platforms that we have been building are software based executions. “In creating this facility, a core value was to give our Software Developers a relaxing, yet vibrant environment, a place where their brains will be stimulated, where they can work comfortably particularly considering the sometimes long and irregular hours that are needed to develop these technologies.”

Explaining the company’s competitive edge in the technological solutions that it provides, the CEO noted that IT should be deployed to enable companies and organizations grow, stressing that this in itself is the philosophy of the company; adding, “We are willing to go the extra mile with clients on the solutions development journey, ensuring overall efficiency, working as partners and partaking of the eventual benefits of the outcome”.

Continuing, the CWG helmsman said, “Looking at it more objectively, you will realise that software gives us the leeway to develop capabilities that are scalable. For instance, if I come to you and you communicate that you have a problem; say perhaps; in managing the pensioners. You are requiring that they undergo verification every month and they have to travel long distances, this is an issue that Technology can very well resolve. We come in, develop a software solution that enables the pensioner sort his verification from the comfort of his house.  Achieving this would require a lot of software, hardware and expertise in integration, all of which are competencies CWG has and because I know that I have the technical skills, I know I can deliver it and I can tell you not to worry because I have the capability and I can solve your problem. So our critical competitive advantage is our ability to look at your problem, come up with a technology solution that addresses that problem and generates the outcome that we both want” .

Also speaking at the launch was the Chief Operating Officer (COO), CWG Plc, Mr. Kunle Ayodeji, who said the building of the facility was necessitated by the needs of its developers and the realities of economic effect on operations.

 “From an operations stand point, it is also in the long run more cost effective to own your building, than rent. Like many companies, we have had to look inwards to plug leaks and excesses. Rent was converted to building capital and now this structure is proof that the only other way to go is Kaizen. Continuous improvement is the order of the day and we are embracing this more in the coming years”, Ayodeji said.


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