CPPL, Cumii Partner to Connect Businesses and People to Life

Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL), one of the leading value creation consulting firms in Nigeria has been appointed by Cumii as a partner. Cumii uses innovative technology to connect businesses and people. This helps to transforms lives, businesses and the global economy.

Ikechukwu Kalu, CEO / Lead Consultant at CPPL said ‘this partnership will enable us provide business marketing consulting services which will include creating quality awareness and adoption for Cumii products and the two major products CPPL will be supporting are Technites and Tasknites’.

Tasknites offers an end-to-end product from survey design to report compilation. Tasknites will help organisations to stay ahead of the competition by identifying key underlying factors driving the industry through effective and efficient research solutions. The Tasknites initiative utilises mobile surveys to generate real time reports from high quality data at much more affordable costs. Tasknites provides customers with fast and accurate market research data to help inform critical strategic decisions.

Tasknites also offers an end-to-end market research service that uses customised surveys, real time data and robust analytics to produce tailored actionable reports. The surveys will mobilise unemployed youths across the country by offering an additional revenue stream that is easy to achieve and access. Surveys are carried out using an intuitive mobile solution, which simplifies logistics while improving authenticity and integrity of data.

The Technite business model involves deploying independent installers/technicians to customer sites and the installers / technicians will be trained and certified (as “Technites”). The business will offer flexible resourcing through an on-demand technological platform. The main services offered will be Installation, Maintenance and Repairs.

Technites will earn a commission on amount billed to the customer for work done. The company’s processes and systems will be centralized and operate offa single platform.

The business long-term objective is to provide meaningful employment opportunities through a large-scale pan African platform. It will provide an employment platform for skilled and under-utilized youth, grow into the largest pan-African technical services platform, become the go-to platform for superior quality on-demand technical services and provide meaningful remuneration to Technites and Tasknites.

The goal of Cumii is to lead seamless connected living for Africans. CPPL is excited at this and is proud to support this huge vision and see it come to fruition. Kalu concludes “the real beauty of these products is that they will enable our young people create wealth in a manner that is sustainable. They will make money doing what they love and with limited or minimal expense because of the fantastic model behind the products”.

A Bit about Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL)
CPPL is a value creation consulting firm registered and operating in Nigeria and Tanzania. We are youthful, vibrant, trendy and innovative in our approach. We create value through business marketing consulting and training.

CPPL’s goal is to be known as a contemporary high performance value creation consulting and training agency in Nigeria and Africa. At the centre of its businesses lies a talented work-force that drives a comprehensive bouquet of consulting and training programs and services including marketing strategy, research / insight development, strategy development / execution, open and customised business enhancement training programs, experiential marketing and customer value development programs.


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