Meet MARKETING EDGE 2021 Family Funfest sponsor – La Casera

The La Casera Company (TLCC) is a leading beverage company and the pioneer of PET bottled Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in Nigeria. The company manufactures and presently distributes nine products, including LaCasera Apple Drink, its flagship product launched in 2001. TLCC took advantage of being the first CSD in PET and drove massive growth for itself since it started business 19 years ago.

Demonstrating a clear understanding of  the need to stay relevant to its young and vibrant consumers and the desire to keep products fresh, alive and innovative the company recently re-launched its flagship product, La Casera Apple with a new look. The new look conveys uniqueness and fresh vibe that positively impacts perception and attracts the teeming younger Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who are the main target market.

Being a member of JOTNA Group of Companies, TLCC is well positioned as a company that produces premium brands in the CSD segment of the market. Its products are mass market brand in the Nigerian carbonated soft drink market. La Casera as a corporate entity has shown that, variety truly, is the spice of life, by exciting and thrilling the consumers with varieties in the CSD segment with its various CSD brands.

With these, it has become the king of the streets, having originated in the street, made it in the street and made for the street. Taking the top ladder of the market position with its affordability game is now the new order where volume and considerable pricing (N100 magic price point) makes the world of difference. So far, the brands have been doing great within the mass market territory where it is positioned.

Jotna, whose  production facility was built as a state of the art class one,,  stands elegantly with world-class production equipment with international endorsements and certifications from ISO 22000; FSSC 22000 & PAS 223

Since then, the brand has been in an upward trajectory. With a business operation that is built on a fully integrated system of raw materials sourcing; packaging and beverage manufacturing that can compete globally and meet consumer interests sustainably. The business ecosystem of La Casera is being coordinated by the JOTNA Group of which have The LaCasera Company, Prima Corporation and Engee Pet manufacturing. Engee Pet produces the PET resin that Prima Corporation uses to produce the preforms and caps. These   preforms and caps are used by the company to produce and package beverages in PET bottles. Prima also supplies preforms and caps to most manufacturing companies in Nigeria that deal in PET. All within the group, you can see that there is synergy and sustainability in the business model

Other products from TLCC include Smoov Chapman (Nigeria Leading Chapman drink of Choice), Bold Bitter Lemon Extra, Bold Ginger (First Ginger Carbonated Soft drink in Nigeria), Bold Orange, Bold Tropical, Nirvana Premium Table Water, Nirvana Tonic Water and Nirvana Soda Water.


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