COVID-19 helped to unveil power of PR – Ogbe

By Felicia Nwosu

Omawumi Ogbe, the Managing Partner at GLG Communications, has described public relations practice as a veritable and strategic tool capable of creating sustainable and intelligent solutions, observing that PR played a major role during the pandemic in helping brands and organisations connect with customers.

The experienced image maker noted that PR, despite its slow pace in terms of growth, has continued to navigate various complex waters to sustain brands.

Stating this in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE, Ogbe said: “PR on its own could be better but there has to be some perception change. I think we are doing well; there is a shift that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, and PR saved the day when nobody could go anywhere. I think and I strongly believe that we can hold our own in the global PR industry.”

The PR expert emphasised the need for professionals to blow their own trumpet to stem the tide of erroneous perception by clients through awareness creation, enlightenment and value creation in their services.

“Every little opportunity we have is to educate people about what PR is, to differentiate it from journalism or other things that they mistake it to be. Let us take the opportunity to do that. Let us write. We need to write more opinion pieces not to PR people but to the general public to let them understand; to create that reputation management for PR so that people understand. People have to see the benefits. We need to deploy some of these things to show people the things we do and the value it brings so the erroneous perception could change,” she said.

She advised that, to avoid misconception between clients and practitioners, terms of any contract should be clearly stated before engagement – by performing due diligence prior to signing the contract to guard against disagreement.


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