Consumers thrilled as Big telcos become lovebirds at Valentine

By Oghale Mafuru

A love story is never complete without reciprocity as leading telecommunications company Airtel Nigeria has  thrilled consumers with a romantic response to MTN Val greeting sent yesterday to commemorate Valentine’s Day, a day set aside for lovers.

While many brands leveraged the season to excite consumers through various events, giveaways and offers, these two competing telecom brands surprised their teeming subscribers by exhibiting what many described as uncommon and unexpected show of love especially for brands competing for same market share.

MTN Nigeria left many of its subscribers in awe when it released its Valentine greeting addressed to Airtel Nigeria on the company’s Instagram page yesterday.

The creative design which was posted on the company’s Instagram handle, featured two love-shaped balloons with colours, yellow and red, held together by a tiny string at the bottom. The caption that followed was “Love is in the air. Happy Valentine’s Day @airtelnigeria.

In a bid to reciprocate the gesture, Airtel Nigeria sent a bouquet of red roses and a yellow rose to show that this love affair is real. A well captivating caption followed “We feel it too @mtbng what are we doing today?

Some of the comments on Instagram include: Nnethequeen said: “love is sweet when you’re the ones dictating who has network on Valentine’s Day while  Detola added: ” You guys should get a room “.

Dinachi_v said: ” Ordinary network has found the love of their love and I dey here”.

Derinformisaleeko said You guys are cute. We are here for it but please give us good network so we can follow the love story accordingly.

Aduniswardrobe said ” So una bin dey date secretly ba. Airtel you know say na you be girl if you carry belle before wedding you don jonz be that”.

Habisma_underwear said ” Awesome! Collaboration over competition

While these lovebirds continue to create some excitement on social media, this move arouses suspicion of possible merger, acquisition or partnership.

The two brands are the one the leading telecom companies in Nigeria. Latest statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC shows that as at December 2022, MTN led the pack with a total number of 89,016,678 subscribers representing 40.08 percent market share, followed by Globacom with 60,290,012 representing 27.13% and then Airtel with 60,065,904 representing 27.03 while 9mobile takes fourth place  with 12,852,706 number of subscribers representing 5.78% of the market share.


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