Moses Babatope, co- Founder Filmhouse Group set to launch Media & entertainment firm

Moses Babatope, the co-founder of Filmhouse Group and former Managing Director of FilmOne, is on the verge of launching his own media and entertainment company, signaling a significant move in the Nigerian film industry. Babatope’s new venture, which is expected to focus on film production, distribution, and cinema, has generated considerable anticipation among industry observers keen to see his next move following his departure from FilmHouse Group.

While the public launch of his new company is still pending, Babatope has addressed speculations regarding a non-compete agreement with Filmhouse Group. “There are rumors of a non-compete with FilmOne and Filmhouse, but that is untrue,” Babatope stated, debunking the circulating misinformation. “The plan is bigger than Moses Babatope; it’s not just another entertainment venture. The plan is to grow the industry ten times bigger. We’re innovating, disrupting, and creating new revenue lines for the industry,” he added.

Babatope’s reputation as a dealmaker and his extensive industry experience have already attracted considerable interest from both local and international players in the film sector. His track record of keeping promises and his vision for industry growth have positioned him as a key figure to watch in the evolving landscape of African cinema.

Moses Babatope’s journey in the film industry began with over two decades of experience in cinema operations and management. As the co-founder of FilmHouse Group and the pioneering Managing Director of FilmOne Entertainment, his leadership has led to the production and executive production of more than 40 of Nollywood’s biggest titles, contributing significantly to the industry’s growth and international recognition. His role in pioneering the distribution and exhibition of African films worldwide has been noted by industry experts, with major international distribution deals secured under his tenure, including partnerships with Hollywood giants like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Netflix, Prime Video, and Warner Brothers. He also spearheaded the first ever corporate financing of films through the creation of the West African Film Fund partnering with Huahua Media of China and Empire Entertainment of South Africa to fully finance or cofinance 15 titles.


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