Chivita brand presents healthier substitute to Nigerians

Chi Limited, makers of Chivita juices, has launched a new product for health-conscious Nigerians. It is called Chivita Active Vegetable & Fruit Nectar. A blend of fruits and vegetables, Chivita Active Vegetable & Fruit Nectar contains the antioxidants and stamina required for a healthy active lifestyle.

Produced without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the new fruit and vegetable nectar is available in three variants – Carrot Orange, Beetroot Grape and Beetroot Apple. These three variants also come with different health benefits.

The company’s Managing Director, Roy Deepanjan, said: “We are once again pioneering a new segment of the juice market with the Chivita Active Vegetable & Fruit Nectar in line with our market penetration strategy. As an innovative company, we are always looking for new ways to excite and invigorate the market which is why we will continue to develop the right products, that meets market expectation of consumers who are health conscious, in the years ahead”.

Chivita Active Vegetable & Fruit Nectar is for consumers who desire more from their drink. The juice is almost like receiving an intravenous infusion of Vitamins, Nutrients, Antioxidants and Stamina from vegetables because it is already in an easily digestible form and goes straight into the system without having to be broken down. The space created by the growing need for the consumption of healthier drinks at home, offices and parties may in no time be filled in by Chivita Active Vegetable & Fruit Nectar as the popular choice going by the highly nutritional benefit of the drink.

Other brands of Chivita juices are Chivita 100% pure fruit juice, Chi Exotic Fruit Nectars, Chi Happy Hour Fruit Drink and Capri-Sonne Fruit Drinks.


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