Bunmi Oke joins Gerety Awards Grand Jury

By Zion Rufus 

Ladybird Limited’s CEO and Lead Consultant, Olubunmi Oke, has been selected to join the esteemed grand jury of the Gerety Awards for this year.

The Gerety Awards, which aim to support and recognize the female vision of advertising globally, features a panel of influential agency and brand leaders who will evaluate advertising campaigns that resonate most with an all-female jury and offer a powerful perspective.

Expressing their delight with the chosen jury members for the 2023 edition, Co-Founder Lucía Ongay said, “We could not be prouder of the jury of personalities from around the world that will be choosing the 2023 winners.” Ongay also highlighted the significance of this year’s awards as they celebrate their fifth anniversary, continuing the tradition of including highly respected and award-winning leaders from the advertising and marketing industries.

Olubunmi Oke, as the CEO and Lead Consultant of Ladybird Limited, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Gerety Awards grand jury. Ladybird Limited, under Oke’s leadership, has gained recognition for its innovative and impactful advertising campaigns that effectively engage audiences and drive business results.

As a member of this year’s grand jury, Olubunmi Oke will play a crucial role in selecting the winners of the Gerety Awards.

Her expertise, insights, and commitment to excellence will contribute to identifying advertising campaigns that not only align with the female vision but also demonstrate creativity, effectiveness, and social relevance.

Oke’s participation in the awards further underscores her dedication to promoting gender equality and empowering women in the advertising industry.

The Gerety Awards, founded in 2019, have been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of gender equality in advertising and empowering female professionals within the industry.

By placing women at the forefront of the jury process, the awards ensure a diverse and inclusive evaluation of campaigns that resonates with the diverse audience they aim to reach. Through this unique approach, the Gerety Awards continue to make a significant impact on the advertising landscape and inspire positive change.


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