Brands with amazing 2022 Mother’s Day campaigns

By Abimbola Mohammed

Mothers’ Day, which is celebrated every 8th of May, has always been a great time for brands to launch ad campaigns that can move people and thus make them feel connected. Marketers are constantly finding ways to inspire their audience with great content that speaks directly to the heart of the consumer, and some leverage special days like Mother’s Day as opportunity to reach out to their consumers, using campaigns that evoke laughter, tears, emissions to relate mothers’ sacrifices through the art of storytelling.

As consumers’ desires constantly change due to many factors ranging from social media, technology, climate change, beliefs and more, so are brands and marketers looking for innovative ways to meet up with demands of their target audience.

Here are a number of brands that leverage Mother’s Day 2022 celebration to bring about change, using amazing and creative approaches to win consumers’ minds.

Ahead of Mother’s Day on Saturday, Burger King in Germany released a new campaign with a new menu item, “The Pregnancy Whopper”, using the different popular pregnancy cravings in Germany to make the burger.

Amazon, the biggest E-commerce platform released a beautiful campaign with the theme: ‘Have a look’. It not only shows how a loving mother is fulfilling the responsibility of a working mother but also how she is making her own path in a place that is termed as the man’s world. The woman in the campaign was seen kissing her child before heading out in her scooter. Slowly, it shows that she is a delivery executive and is seen delivering big packages to different places. People seemed shocked and surprised to see her while many gave her sweet and encouraging smiles. The advertisement, in the end, shows that they are called trailblazers as well as moms.

Shoppers shop, an online shop that provides different brands of clothes for everyone, has come up with quite an interesting ad for their mother’s day campaign. They are showing mothers here being cool and accepting and encouraging their children with their choices in life. They released three commercials altogether. One of the commercials shows a young man playing video games, suddenly his mom came and he thought she was going to scold him for playing games late at night. At the turn of events, the mom said that she will also play with him.

KFC also came up with a print campaign of a pregnancy strip that shows positive lines to indicate that a soon-to-be mom.
According to KFC, it wanted to give a very original message to all mothers and future mothers on their day in a way that only the brand could do. The campaign was created by KFC’s ad agency, Mass Digital.

Dove came up with a campaign titled ‘Deepfake Mom’s’, the campaign speaks about toxic beauty advice on social media that has become so common that girls don’t even know it’s toxic. So, Dove decided to put the same advice into the mouths of the people they trust the most, their moms.

Oppo Mother’s Day campaign was shot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, featuring a Filipino family & Tibetan. It is quite a unique mix of Asian cultures.

The ad narrates a popular Vietnamese proverb that says, “Nothing can compare to rice and fish. Nothing can compare to a mother and her child.” Even if you’re not a fan of fish, we can all agree, a mother’s love is just as important as the food that sustains us.

“For this Mother’s Day, we wanted to portray motherhood in its most heartfelt & genuine form. In our latest ad for the Oppo Reno 7 Pro, director Tsering Gyalthang introduces us to the Balgaso Family, who decide to re-enact memorable photos of their mom from childhood,” Oppo said.


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