Bloomberg, Twitter renew content partnership for multi-year period

Bloomberg Media has announced a global multiyear renewal of its partnership with Twitter. All main media markets in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America are covered by the agreement.

Bloomberg said the cooperation will mix its editorial team’s original reporting and analysis with Twitter data, and new projects will combine its cryptocurrency content with the social network’s immediacy and transparency.

The two firms first collaborated in 2016, resulting to the launch of Bloomberg QuickTake (formerly TicToc), the world’s first full-time global social video news network, in 2017. The goal for Bloomberg’s @Crypto handle is to build on the connections that the company’s other Twitter handles—such as @Business, @Climate, @Luxury, and @Technology—have already made on the social media platform, and the two companies plan to continue to evaluate how the Bloomberg news team covers the evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Weekly video product @Crypto Activity Snapshot, which uses data from Twitter and Bloomberg data analysis to help readers cut through the noise around crypto and offer clarity to the topic, is one of the new ventures on the horizon.

Other video creations include “What You Need to Know” portions, in which Bloomberg will post many times a week a major engine, development, or marketing in the crypto industry. Another slide series will include snippets from financial influencers, or “influencers,” who will provide insights into the crypto realm.

Sarah Rosen, President of US News and Entertainment Partnerships at Twitter said: “This is the perfect time to expand our long-standing partnership with Bloomberg Media and bring more of its content to Twitter.

“The cryptocurrency conversation on Twitter is exploding and we’re thrilled Bloomberg is giving its official voice on the topic, deconstructing trends, currencies, global impact, and everything in between as we enter these new frontiers of global currency.”

Bloomberg Media chief marketing officer Anne Kawalerski said: “We’ve had amazing momentum in our long-standing relationship with Twitter and are excited to build on that. Our news team’s expertise in crypto, combined with audiences’ and brands’ hunger for that content, stood out as the perfect opportunity for Bloomberg Media and Twitter to take our partnership forward. We want to meet consumers with clarity, through data-driven news and analysis that helps them understand this rapidly evolving market even better.”


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