Abelinis celebrates a decade of igniting great brands

Abelinis Limited, a leading 360 degrees experiential marketing agency is celebrating a decade of providing unique and innovative service in the highly competitive sector of the Integrated marketing communication (IMC) industry.

For ten years, The Project Intelligent Company, with special interest in events, activations and production has provided effective solutions for top national and international brands through a variety of offerings in different sectors, including FCMG, telecoms, energy, public, and the financial space.

Abelinis has carved a niche for itself by offering great value across all media, managing high profile events, and providing full-service experiential services for its clients using cutting-edge brand imperatives across the board.

Abelinis designs and executes brand activation through one-to-one engagement (Live experiences) that is specifically designed against your Brand Experience and the best identified consumers touch point.

The avant-garde agency uses sales promotions to stimulate sales through contests, discounts, games, give-aways, point-of-sale displays, special offers and similar activities.

Although Abelinis was incorporated on the 13th day of September 2007, the agency only started full operations in January 2011. Since then concerted efforts have been made to deliver on the vision to be the foremost provider of project management solutions in the experiential marketing space

Three years ago, the innovative experiential agency commissioned its bigger ultra modern office in the highbrow area of Ogba, Lagos to mark its 7th anniversary.

The world-class office which boasts of a state-of-the-art facilities and technology offers a serene ambience for its staff and the visiting clients. The ‘creative engine room’ with a dedicated inspiration room for creative personnel has been a haven for creativity and creative ideas. It also boasts of a world-class cafeteria and a fully equipped sports apartment for the relaxation of its staff.

The quest for continuous improvement geared towards meeting its clients (existing and prospective) marketing needs has made Abelinis an agency of choice in the experimental marketing space in the last one decade.

The innovation and dedication of the team at Abilinis has brought business ‘as usual and unusual’ for the foremost experiential agency. Indeed, it has been a rewarding and inspiring experience for the great team at Abelinis.



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