Badejo-Okusanya laments slow pace of PR specialization in Nigeria

One of Nigeria’s leading PR experts, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya is not happy with the slow pace of specialization in the Public Relations industry in the country.

Badejo-Okusanya who is the CEO of CMC Connect noted that this lack specialisation is making differentiation among Nigerian agencies impossible and slowing down growth in the segment.

The frontline PR executive who spoke to MARKETING EDGE recently, was also quick to point out that the prolong economic instability in Nigeria, may have also played a part in discouraging the process, adding that most agencies have now been relegated to survival mode as a result of the erosion in business.

He stressed that PR agencies are forced to jump at every brief in order to survive, even brief where they are not well positioned to execute. “If somebody says, I am a specialist in IT PR and then somebody brings education brief, you will go for it because you are hungry, you need to feed yourself”

“Again, we have this problem of PR professionals specializing in core areas because we don’t have a broad spectrum of clients so that somebody can say; I only do education PR and therefore, you know works for a broad spectrum of schools or tertiary institutions. I believe that we are on our way, once we recognize the importance of it and we work in it, sooner or later, we will arrive there”

According to the CMC Connect boss, his agency recently pitched for the Laliga PR business which falls within the spectrum of sports PR, adding that they did not win the account because sports PR was not one of its core areas of strength.

“We had a pitch on Laliga and we didn’t get it and I am not surprise because truly one of our strength is not Sports PR. There are people who that is their strength, so yes we pitched for it but really it wasn’t one of our strengths. Ideally, I look for the day that we will be satisfied full enough that we will be able to say no sorry, we don’t want, we don’t do that kind of PR.”



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