Award winning drama comes to TVC Communications, Lagos, Nigeria

Over 400 hours of world drama and telenovela is coming to TVC, Nigeria as part of a new output agreement with Côte OuestAudiovisual of Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.

In a significant deal, TVC has gained the rights to transmit, by terrestrial, DTT and DTH, blockbuster Telenovelas including; Labour of Love; Blood Ties and Brave Woman; alongside other African drama titles.

Announcing the deal, TVC Communications Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Hanlon, said “The content deal with Côte OuestAudiovisual forms part of a major investment in programming, infrastructure and people, aimed at increasing audience share and advertising revenues, and further propel TVC television and radio stations to market leading positions. Last week we announced another significant deal with BBC News which will bring over 360 hours of new and original, African focused content to TVC and TVC News channel.”

Côte Ouest Audiovisual’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Azria, said: “Our deal with TVC is just one step in our strategic plan to distribute content across the African continent. We are delighted to have signed this deal with such a significant broadcaster in West Africa. Côte Ouest’s catalogue now comprises 18 000 hours of the best content produced in the four corners of Africa”

Côte Ouest is an independent African company and leader in the distribution of audiovisual content in Africa that operates since 1993 and relies on a network of 93 collaborators across the continent. Côte Ouest holds a yearly average of 18,000 hours of programming, providing content to about 160 broadcasters spread across over 75 African countries. 5 years ago, Côte Ouest expanded its activities to the creation of original content, the dubbing and the production of short form content.


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