Ambode launches One Lagos Brand to drive tourism

One of the major visions of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration for Lagos is to transform the state into one of Africa’s biggest tourism hub by leveraging entertainment and culture.

In this wise, the Governor is set to launch the One Lagos Brand; a project established to reinforce Lagos’ reputation as the entertainment capital of Africa and make it the tourism hub and entertainment destination in the continent.The “One Lagos” brand is conceived to drive economic growth across all communities in Lagos state by taking advantage and drawing strength from its over 20 million population, diverse multi-cultural mix and the uniqueness of its people.

The One Lagos Brand launch will signal the start of an elaborate music carnival that will expectedly attract thousands of Lagosians to the Bar Beach Victoria Island. The event is to hold between 27-29 July 2016.

The three-day event will feature musical performances by top rated and upcoming artistes, comedy shows and food festivals. Other elements of the event are dance competition, cultural display and kids’ entertainment segments. “One Lagos” brand will showcase the true spirit of Lagos through different creative expressions while leveraging on the city’s abundant soft power to reverse negative conversation about the city of Lagos. The branding process includes a platform to promote the diverse multicultural heritage of Africa’s largest megacity to the global audience.

“One Lagos” brand initiative will deploy digital but positive visual images of the city, while exposing its uniqueness in terms of colour and vibrancy across all local and global media platforms. The starting point is to generate positive conversation about Lagos across the globe.

The brand launch is also part of the countdown approach to the 50th anniversary of the state.


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